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This five hundred acre wildlife reserve (71 miles south of Trelew; 110 south of Puerto Madryn) is the world's largest colony of Magellan penguins on continental land, giving refuge at times to more than a half a million individuals. This Natural Reserve lies within the bundaries of Estancia La Perla, a privatge ranch, and is under the permanent custody of the reserve's rangers.

Punta Tombo is a narrow and stony strip of land penetrating some 3 kilometers into the ocean; its ample beaches offer a gentle slope where penguins can easily build their nests. In 1979 Chubut province declared it a Fauna Reserve to protect the colony of Magellan penguins and the other species that share this habitat with them. The road to the preserve is bumpy, and within the preserve  wire fences protect the penguin burrows from human intrusion.In addition to penguins, though, there are impressive numbers of other seabirds, including giant petrels, kelp and dolphin gulls, king and rock cormorants, and shorebirds including oystercatchers and flightless steamer ducks. 

The season is September through March, with January & February the time when the young are taking to the water. The park closes April - September.