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By clicking on the e-mail symbol above
you will be connected automatically to your e-mail system and the message you type will be sent to LADATCO.

LADATCO TOURS does not produce the traditional four-color travel brochure.

Our web is our "electronic brochure",
designed in the concept of Custom Designed Vacations:

  • many sample programs combining the most popular destinations and activities
  • information on places and destinations
  • LADATCO's preferred properties

LADATCO uses our 40+ years of "been there, done that" destination expertise
to Custom Design a program based on your Wish List and Trip Parameters.

So be sure to provide us with your e-mail address along with:

  • What sample program was close to your desired travel plans
  • What you would like to add, eliminate or change in the sample program
  • Your travel dates - earliest date to leave, latest date to return and how long you want to be gone
  • How many people traveling with you
  • Type of hotels - five-star or four-star
  • Any "Must Do's" and any "Absolutely Not's"