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Featuring the best accommodations,
private services and exclusive guide whenever possible
and just the right mix of adventure and pampering.

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Where Mother Nature Still Reigns
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Just click on any program name to view the entire day by day itinerary and rates.

Penguins & Sea Lions - 12 days
A wildlife packed journey!
Five species of penguins, sea elephants, sea lions, birdlife
2 nights Pebble Island
2 nights Sea Lion Island
3 nights historic Stanley
with excursions to Seal Bay, Volunteer Point and Kidney Cove

Black Brows & Long Whiskers - 12 days
Highlighting the Black-browed Albatross and
sea elephants, sea lions, birdlife and
Five species of penguins: RockHopper Macaroni, Gentoo, Magellanic and King
2 nights Sea Lion Island
2 nights Pebble Island
2 nights Carcass with day trip to West Point Island
1 historic Stanley
with excursion to Volunteer Point

Falklands Fishing - 12 days
Port Howard & the best sea trout & Falklands mullet fishing
Stanley with combination of estuary, pool, fresh and seawater fishing

Falkland Islands Explorer - 20 days
Historic Stanley
Port Howard for a taste of life in Camp
Pebble Island, Carcass Island, Sea Lion Island
for outstanding wildlife including
5 species of penguins
colonies of black-browed albatross
South Sea Lions
Elephant Seals

Parks & Penguins - 26 days
Sophisticated Buenos Aires
Scenic Lake District
One week Pebble and Sea Lion Islands, the Falklands
Hotel Explora in Paine Towers National Park
Hosteria Los Notros in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares