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World Heritage Site

Compliments of Argentina Vision

Peninsula Valdes is a headland of 1,545 square miles that sticks out about 60 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, and has many gulfs, rocky cliffs, and shallow bays with marked differences in tides, sandy beaches and islands. It is attached to the continent by a 15 mile long strip of land: Ameghino Isthmus.

Its exceptional value is due to its biodiversity that certainly makes it the main attraction of the Patagonian coast. It is home to an important school of southern right whales; 50% of this kind of whales around the world reach the clear and peaceful waters here every year. Here there are colonies of sea-elephants, sea-lions and penguins as well.

Orcas (or killer whales) of the area have developed a unique hunting method adapted to the features of the local shores. Birds and land mammals settle down in this protected area, thus turning it into a nature sanctuary.