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Whale Watching

          Argentina - Peninsula Valdes

          Chile - Nomads of the Sea


From June to early December, these whales reach the coasts of Golfo Nuevo to reproduce and raise their calves.

The Puerto Pirámide village, with 450 permanent inhabitants, is 100 km from Puerto Madryn.and is the only place where you can take a boat to go Southern Right Whale-watching.

These whales also frequent other areas around the Peninsula, and can often be seen from land, such as from Doradillo Beach near Puerto Madryn.

ORCA (Orcinus orca) are also known as killer whales. However, they are the largest member of the dolphin family. They are mammals, and as such are warm blooded, air breathing, and bear their young alive.

Punta Norte is a prime viewing area for Orcas. What makes them unusual is that they have learned to beach themselves in order to take baby sea lions and elephant seals. Viewing is best February to April which correlatges to the puping season of the Southern Sea Lion, but they frequent the peninsula September to April.

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The Punta Norte Orca Research team is a group of volunteers from New Zealand, the USA and Argentina who are studying the Orcas of Peninsula Valdes. YOu can find lots of  facts and interesting information on their web site . You can also learn about the individuals of the Punta Norte area in their brochure on the Orcas of the area.