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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

"Must Do's"
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What to do? 
LADATCO's "must do's",
in order of importance:

After the "must do's", there are lots of options for the active:
hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, birdwatching, orchid hunting, rapeling, rock climbing, cascading, float trips.
Click here for more info on various additional options.

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Brasilian panoramic vistas


The walking tours of both the Brazilian and Argentine sides are a must.

The Brasilian side offers wide expansive panoramic vistas, looking across the river gorge.

The Argentine side offers "up close and personal" views with walks along the base of several falls and across the top of some falls.

You should take a rain coat or poncho and protection for your camera - the mist can be drenching. The roar is almost deafening.

But it's worth the effort.  Indeed, "Poor Niagara!"

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Argentina "up close & personal"

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#2 - Macuco Safari or La Gran Aventura

After viewing the falls from land, it's time to view them from the river, via thrilling zodiac ride along the rapids, to the smaller falls and through and under the falls - yes, getting drenched.

On the Brasilian side, it's the Macuco Safari and on the Argentine side it's the La Gran Aventura excursion.

Both include an "eco-drive" in the park and a thrilling boat ride on the river and rapids and to the falls. The Macuco excursion begins and ends at the same point; La Gran Aventura begins with the drive and ends with the boat trip or vice versa.

In either case, be sure to have plenty of protection from the water. Not only will the spray get you, but the boat's captain will make every effort to bring you under the falls, and that means getting wet. A rain poncho can be purchased at the pier for around $3.

And bring protection for your camera and be prepared with a fresh roll of film already loaded so you don't miss a single shot.

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#3 Parque das Aves or Guira Oga, The Birds’ House

The Parque das Aves is a collection of huge walk through aviaries with birds from around Brail and the world. There is also a butterfly house, some reptiles and monkeys, but the emphasis is on birds with plenty of photographic opportunities.

The Guira Oga on the Argentine side is smaller and has as its goal to rescue, recover, breed and reintroduce into the natural environment those specimens of local birds who have been hurt or been victim of ill treatments; and simultaneously to offer environmental education to visitors, schools and neighboring communities.

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#4 - Helicopter overflight

10-minute flights over Iguassu Falls:Fantastic flight over the Iguassu National Park and Iguassu Falls with observation of one of the most beautiful Falls in the world with the Devil’s Throat as the main attraction.

35-minute flight Iguassu Falls and Itaipu Hydroelectrical Dam: After the flight over Iguassu Falls proceed on to the Itaipu Dam. Along the way, we can observe different plantations and crops of the State of Paraná, the Iguassu and Paraná Rivers including the confluence of both rivers where the 3 landmarks are: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The helicopter lands and takes off from a heliport located near the entrance of the Iguaçu National Park, close to the Park’s Visitors’ Center.

Flights are not operated when raining, misty or days with strong wind, so htis is best arranged once at the falls.

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