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Brasilian Panoramic vista
Iguassu Falls, Brazil

Iguazu Falls, Argentina



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Argentina "up close & personal"

Located between Brazil and Argentina, there are two spellings of the name, two airports and two views.

The Brazilian spelling is Iguassu and the view from the Brazilian side is panoramic. Concrete walks start in front of the Hotel Das Cataratas and zig zag their way down until coming to the boardwalk that takes you to the end of Devil's Throat for a view back into the "throat".

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The Spanish spelling is Iguazu and the view from the Argentine side is mainly "up-close and personal" with walks along the tops of the falls, along the bottom of the falls and to the very edge of the back of Devil's Throat.

They are both spectacular and both sides should be visited.

If you are visiting the falls en route between Argentina and Brazil, you will easily have a chance to visit both sides as you will be flying into one airport and out of the other.

But if you are traveling only within Brasil or only with Argentina, you will use the same airport on arrival and departure, and therefore will have to add a separate visit to the other side.