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Falkland Islands

Pebble Island

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Pebble Island, at 19 miles (31 kms) long, is the third largest offshore island. The landscape varies greatly from large ponds and moorland, to long sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. All of these provide vital breeding habitats for a wide-range of birds, including some rare and elusive species. The ponds on the eastern part of the island, some of which are within walking distance of the lodge, are home to Chiloe wigeon, grebes, Black-necked swans and a multitude of other wildfowl and wading birds.

Many thousands of Gentoo, Rockhopper and Magellanic penguins breed on Pebble Island each summer, spearheading the incredible list of some 42 resident bird species. In addition, each year the island seems to act as a magnet for many rare avian visitors from mainland South America and beyond. Pebble was proud to announce a record sighting of 7 different species of penguin throughout the 2004/05 season. Marine mammal enthusiasts can look out for Southern sea lions hauled out along the coast.

Pebble also has something for the historian with many reminders of the 1982 conflict, including remains of aircraft destroyed when British special-forces raided the island’s Argentine-occupied airstrip. Visitors to Pebble Island today land on the same grass airstrip that saw the first land-based action of the Falklands War. There are several memorials, most notably a large cross erected on a scenic hillside not far from the settlement, that looks out to where HMS Coventry was sunk by Argentine jets.

Overland tours are a must given the size of the island – and the experienced drivers/guides will make sure that you don’t miss the particular points of interest. The two fully guided tours in 4x4 vehicles offer ample opportunity to see the abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery further a field from the settlement.

Accommodation :: Pebble Island Lodge
• Converted farm house
• 6 rooms (2 double, 3 twin, 1 single)
• All ensuite
• Full board accommodation only (packed lunches provided on request)
• Large lounge and honesty bar
• Guided tours ranging from 5 to 8 hours depending on weather and specific interests
• Drop off/pick-up service available for hikers

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One special note:
 It is tradition in the islands to discard your footgear in the sun-room foyer before entering the main house. This has been the practical way over the years to keep the outdoors out and in the indoors cleaner.

And after a hard day of exploring the spectacular wildlife of the area, your shoes can be pretty grubby. Plan to bring along a pair of warm socks or slippers to wear inside the house.

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