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Huatajata, Lake Titicaca

About Lake Titicaca
Sun Island
Posada del Inca Sun Island
La Paz

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The Inca Utama Hotel and Spa started as a modest project in the early 90's and has grown into a tourism complex highlighting the Andean cultures.

Today it is a 65 room room hotel devided into two buildings - the original low slung main building housing reception, an elevator and rooms, and the new high-rise Colonial towers with accommdations and its own elevator as well. There is a fully equipped spa complete with saunas, massage, hydrotherapy, mud and salt baths and other traditional natural medicine of the Andes treatments.

The Sumaj Untavi Restuarant is one of the two restaurants of the complex, with nightly "Pena" folkloric presentations.

The other restaurant is the new Choza Nautica, in a thatched roof building built out over the water and offering spectacular vistas of the lake.

There is also a cozy bar-lounge complete with fireplace, over-stuffed chairs and couches and TV with educational video collection.

One of the highlights is a visit to the multi-faceted Andean Roots Cultural Complex, which includes: (in their own words)

Eco Village

Urus Chipaya Culture

traditional reed boat

  • Andean Eco Village - is the most important expression of cultures and life styles created and displayed with the participation of local community, under the philosopy of preserving and showing our ancient cultural legacy, with full respect toward the old inherited and authentic traditions.
  • A unique encounter with Tata Lorenzo, a highly spiritual natural medicine doctor and fortune teller whiles casting his sacred coca leaves. These Kalawayas believe that you first have to heal the soul in order to heal the body and were using penicillin, streptomycin and quinine many centuries ago. Experience a night visit to their mystic world surrounded by their past legacy.
  • The Limachi brothers builders of RA II and TIGRIS for Thor Heyerdhal's epic expeditions, are now living in our cultural complex. Share with them their adventure and experiences and learn how these rafts were built. Admire a full size reproduction of RA II.
  • Urus Chipaya Culture - see the mud igloos and flating islands of this civilization dating back to the last glacial period and visit a musuem dedicated to this culture.
  • Handicraft Village - enjoy our natives making their melon hats, tire shoes or "Abarcas", masks and ceramic pottery.
  • Takanas, Sukakollos and Salar - admire the Inca agricultural terraces called "Takanas", the Skua-Kollos a unique method of maximizing production and an example of the Salt Lake of Coipasa.
  • Fishing village- take a look at our traditional fishing and local stone cooking techniques.
  • Chicheria and traditional weaving - visit a real Chicha (corn beer) factory and watch native womes weaving their ponchos and/or working on the colorful native festival costumes.
  • Altiplano Museum - a modern state-of-the-art audio system presents in your own language our history, culture and fantastic legacy from the pre-Columbian to colonial and modern times.
  • Andean fauna - meet our heards of proud llamas and Alpacas as well as the protected Vicumas and the endangered Suri.
  • Alajpacha Native Observatory - An unforgettable second night experience! An impressive encounter with our ancestors wisdoms, cosmology and knowledge of the consteallations. Alajpacha "Beyond the Stars" means also the highest level of our conscience and the symbol of th unlimited universe.
  • A native Chapel, representing the synthesis of our native religion and traditions; a display of our cultural and religious symbiosis.
A multi-night stay and a free afternoon will allow you time to partake of the Aptapi, a picnic with the local natives that highlights the foods of the Altiplano and plenty of time to get to know the locals.

You can also make a visit to Kalauta Island with stone chullpas (mortuary towers) two and three stories high.It is a sacred place with the largest Necropolis in the area. You get there by crossing the lake and you approach the island through tortoro reed canals.