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South Shetlands Livingston Island

An archipelago located in the South Antarctic Ocean, and north of the great Antarctic Peninsula, as part of the highest, driest and coldest continent on the planet.

The beauty of this remote destination is created by its imposing glaciers, magnificent channels and the impressive fauna that inhabits the area. Voyaging to this far location can turn out to be an adventure that cannot be surpassed, given the scenic beauty, the spectacular white landscape and the nuances of the eternal ice.

Livingston Island is a surprising spot where you will find a great variety of species, among which your attention will be captivated by Chinstrap, Gentoo and the magnificent Macaroni penguins, with their distinctive orange/yellow crests. Elephant seals, Antarctic Giant Petrels and Snowy Sheathbill are also to be seen.

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Aitcho Island

This island is located near the north entrance of the English Strait, in the South Shetland Islands, between Greenwich and Robert Islands. The main attractions here are the large colonies of Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins that cover the area. Furthermore, it is possible to find great quantities of Antarctic Giant Petrels and some protected animals, such as the Wedell Seal.

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Deception Island (map)

An impressive volcano, still considered active and famous for its incomplete crater which is at sea level. Sailing and walking in this zone can result in a fabulous experience. One of the greatest attractions of this island is the combination of rock towers that come out of the sea. This amazing geological formation is known as "Neptune´s Bellows".

In this outstanding place, whose shape is like a horseshoe, you may have a bath in the warm coastal waters which can get close to 65° C, in contrast with the freezing surrounding waters in this corner of the world. Here you will also visit Whalers Bay, where we will see the remains of a former whailing station.

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Lemaire Channel

Known for being one of the most beautiful spots in the area and this is why it is also known as the "Kodak Gap", due to the impression it produces among the tourists, making them take innumerable photographs of nature at its best. If the weather allows it and it is not blocked by the ice that is typical of this inhospitable corner of the world, you will see playful seals that rest on wandering icebergs, as well as Minke Whales that are frequently found in these cold waters.

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Petermann Island

This island is endowed with a unique beauty due to its immense granite walls and the abundant snow that composes the scenery. It also has the largest and southernmost colony of Adelie and Gentoo penguins, migratory species typical of Antarctica.

On Petermann Island you will be able to see a colony of Antarctic Blue Eyed Shag, a species much appreciated for its solemn stance and singular presence. In summer, Elephant Seals come out in groups to enjoy the sun, taking it lying on their sides, over the rocks of the island.

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Cuverville Island

Upon arrival, you will find yourself on a small island dominated by a great amount of lichen growth and deep moss on the rocks, the only botanical species that you can find on the surface of Antarctica. As part of the scenery you will see various birds, such as Wilson Petrel, South and Brown Skuas. In this place you will be delighted with one of the largest colonies of Gentoo penguins.

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Wiencke Island - Port Lockroy (map)

A bay that is 800 meters, located on the southwestern point of Wiencke Island. This place is particular because it was used by whalers almost one century ago. At present, it will not be strange to see Minke and Humpback Whale cruising along the coast. There is an old British scientific base which is now a museum.

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Paradise Bay

From Paradise Bay you will be able to enjoy one of the most magnificent views that the Antarctic territory has to offer. Splendid scenes of glaciers and mountains are enhanced by fascinating fauna, such as Gentoo Penguins and Minke Whales.

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Half Moon Island

The volcanic origin of this island gives it a very particular surface formation. On it you will find Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins, Antarctic Blue Eyed Shags and Skuas. In this area you may find the distinguished looking Wedell Seal and some Elephant Seals that occasionally visit the island