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San Pedro de Atacama

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ABOUT CASA ATACAMA - in their own words:
Exploring each and every corner of the most arid desert in the world is a distinct experience for each visitor. Some are captivated by the beauty of its vast solitude. Others prefer to explore its endless valleys, immerse themselves in an oasis and be refreshed by the intimate side of the Atacama. Still others come simply to find themselves. We invite you to feel at home as you enjoy this unforgettable journey.

The eco-friendly design of Casa Atacama’s energy system centers on one overarching concept: our desire to complement the town of San Pedro and its cultural environment. The hotel’s design has been geared towards conservation from its conception, with a focus on water conservation, low energy consumption and a solar-heated water system. We also are committed to minimizing our use of materials when it comes to amenities, and use reusable food and beverage containers to minimize waste.

Our heating and lighting systems are all “low-consumption,” and are connected to a system of solar panels.

Jorge Sánchez, the architect behind Casa Atacama, based his sustainable design on what he calls a “dry bed” of recycled railway ties, which runs through the center of the building and allows for more efficient energy use. In addition to this key feature, other essential details include the use of sustainable building materials and the strategic distribution of the rooms, which helps maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

Casa Atacama is the first sustainable hotel in northern Chile. Our establishment promotes ecologically sound tourism, the responsible use of natural resources, recycling and conscientious energy use among its guests.

Eating in Atacama is a ritual - enjoy it!

Thousands of years ago, the people of Atacama knew how to grow food using the desert’s scant water resources. Because fertile land was scarce, crops were considered sacred and eating became a highly anticipated and respected ritual. It’s time for you to experience it.

Each meal is prepared fresh for you. Enjoy cocktails like the Rica-Rica Sour and dishes such as beet gnocchi, Mediterranean potatoes and other local specialties, all made from locally grown, artisanally havested produce from small organic farms.

Dating back to 1860, this shop offers local specialty foods from the millennia-old Atacama culture.

From the moment you arrive at El Emporio, you’ll understand that this isn’t just any ordinary shop. Its colorful atmosphere and unique products will transport you back to a bygone era. One taste of the native organic seeds, local preserves, jams made from homegrown fruit, and oils made using age-old techniques, and you will know your Atacama experience has begun.

Once you come to feel at home in San Pedro, you will learn how to pick the best local specialty items. Try some “Cochayuyo al escabeche” (pickled seaweed) or choose from the array of brightly decorated glass jars, which hold San Pedro’s best-kept gastronomic secrets.

After touring the desert dunes and peaks of the Andean high plateau, your body will need a good rest. Enjoy a relaxing shower with our natural soaps and creams, followed by a refreshing nap on our exquisite down pillows.
Fully Equipped With:
  • Wi-Fi
  • 400 thread count sheets
  • Down comforters and pillows
  • Rainforest shower
  • In-room safe
  • Solar panel heating
  • Eco-friendly amenities
  • Terrace
  • Solar powered, energy-saving LED lighting
Deluxe Room (7) - 344 sq ft + 172 sq ft terrace
These suites include private bathrooms and a connecting door.

Atacama Suite (17) - 721 sq ft + 452 sq ft terrace
Our suites overlook the swimming pool, your personal oasis. They include a private bathroom and garden.

Noi Suite (1) - 721 sq ft + 430 sq ft terrace
Our largest room, which boasts a large balcony and bathroom that invites total relaxation.

Casa Atacama offers a variety of excursions that are sure to leave you satisfied. Explore the natural wonders of the Atacama Desert and the secret life it holds within, and let us delight you with delicious snacks and incredible stories at each stop along the way.

As our guides lead you along the desert trails, take in the stunning vistas of vast salt flats and venture up into desert canyons, crossing rivers as you go. Take time to appreciate the unique plant life, the colors of the high plateau, and the majesty of the surrounding peaks.

Excursions include: Click here for detailed information

  • Trekking - walking is an excellent way of discovering places and fully enjoying the natural wonders surrounding Casa Atacama
  • Biking - Excursions for all skill levels, often held on rugged terrain and gravel roads, with stretches of sand or chusquea bamboo and calamine.
  • Scenic - Routes that allow you to take in the immensity of the desert, the magic of the Atacama Salt Flat, as you marvel at the variety of landscapes.
  • Mountain - Challenging ascents into the high mountains, for those who want the unique experience offered by the Andes peaks.