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Estancia Rincon Chico
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Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

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ABOUT RINCON CHICO - in their own words:

We belong to the fifth generation of two families who were pioneers in Valdés Peninsula, the Olazabal and the Endara family.

The very first member was Don Félix Olazabal, a basque from France, who got to Peninsula in 1897 with a flock of 800 sheep and who lived in natural caves in the coast of Puerto Pirámides. And Francisca Endara, our great-great grandmother, also French-Basque, who arrived to Peninsula in early 1900 to raise Australian Merino sheep.

Their fields became true oasis in the patagonian desert.

The ranch, Rincón Chico, is part of the inheritance, who made this become a fact.

AR VALDES RINCON map.jpg (49806 bytes) LOCATION:
The Rincón Chico ranch is located on the Patagonian Sea coast, in the southeast corner of the Península Valdés, a declared “World Heritage Site” -in 1999- and “Biosphere Reserve” -in 2014- by UNESCO.
*The southwest corner of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Patagonian Sea, covers the so-called “Large Marine Ecosystem Patagonian shelf”, is one of the richest marine areas on Earth harboring populations of right whales, elephant seals, sea lions, orcas, penguins, and numerous species of birds and fish. 

It is on the coastal region of Península Valdés in the Province of Chubut, in the Patagonia region of Argentina. 170 km (103 miles) from the city of Puerto Madryn and 230 km (140 miles) from the city of Trelew, where the two closest airports are located. The village of Puerto Pirámides is 70 km (42 miles) away.

The lodge was constructed following the style of old English houses imported in the late 19th century and is common to find in the traditional Patagonian ranches, with a surrounding gallery and large deck on the front. Only 30 meters away, and with the same architectural line, is one of the first houses on the property that was brought by boat directly from England in 1897.

The guest house has 8 comfortable rooms with a private bathroom with bathtub in each, and can be assembled as needed to accommodate individual parties. **Please note, guest requesting double occupancy should indicate their preference for number of beds at time of reservation.

The living room has a varied library of books about the fauna of the Península Valdés, renowned author´s photo books, various publications of scientists who work at the ranch, and a DVD player to watch documentaries including highlights made on the property by film crews as National Geographic, BBC, etc. All meals are served in the dining room, which is adjacent to the living room and is decorated with antique furniture that belonged to the family. The wine bar is located in the dining area.

Nature-related tourism and cattle-raising go hand in hand at the Estancia Rincón Chico. In the farm house and surrounding area such events as shearing and branding will show you through the history and true life of the Patagonian farmer.

Rincon Chico has a a series of paths to the prime wildlife viewing areas. There are three types of activities available: Guided, self-guided, cycling.


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    On the coastal area of the Estancia “Rincón Chico” there is an southern elephant seals colony. On the west coast of the ranch there is a south american sea lions colony. It is also possible to watch the Southern Right Whale, Orcas, Dusky dolphin, Bottlenose dolphin.
    Mara, Lama Guanaco, Patagonian Grey Fox, Patagonian Pichi, Armadillos, Patagonian Skunk, European Hare, Lesser Grison, Geoffroy's Cat, Pampas Cat, Tuco-tuco, Southern Mountain Cavy, small reptiles.
    Lesser Rhea, Rusty-backed Monjita, Tawny-throated Dotterel, Patagonian Yellow-finch, Band-tailed Earthcreeper, Least Seedsnipe, Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, Black-crowned Night Heron, Elegant Crested-tinamou, Turkey Vulture, Falcons, Plovers, South American Stilt, Owls, Miners, Mockingbirds, Long-tailed meadowlark… and over 100 species more.
    Southern Giant-petrel, Black-browed Albatross, Seagulls, South American Tern, Cayenne Tern, Royal Tern, Neotropic Cormorant, Rock Cormorant, King Cormorant, Blue-eyed Cormorant, Snowy Sheathbill, American Oystercatcher, Magellanic Oystercatcher, Blackish Oystercatcher, Swallows. Flamingo, Ducks, Plovers, … and many more.
    The stunted flora shyly tints the Patagonian steppe in subtle tones of yellow and orange. In our Estancia there is a wide variety of species such as: Quilimbay; Fabiana; Sulupe; Uña de gato; Sampa; Coirón llama; Neneo; Pata de perdiz; Molle; Jume; Tuna; Marancel; Abrojo; Alfirerillo.
    Centuries of erosion have left important geological traces rich in marine fossils, such as shells, oysters, bivalves, sea urchin. This sediment is proof of the different stages which our Valdes Peninsula has undergone.