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El Pedral

Punta Ninfas, Argentina

information Peninsula Valdes
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ABOUT EL PEDRAL LODGE - in their own words:
Thanks to its privileged location, El Pedral is an ideal spot to experience excellent fauna sights in exclusive contact with nature.

A Norman style house of XIX century, protected from the strong winds by a dense grove of cypress and tamariscos, it offers the opportunity to experience the authentic life of Patagonian estancias. It retains thePatagonian atmosphere; rustic but still sophisticated; warm and friendly. Homemade meals make you feel at home. This is the ideal place to relax at the end of the day.

It has 8 rooms, a Quincho and a swimming pool. 

Outside, the magnitude of Patagonia expresses herself. Everything in one place: whales, killer whales, penguins, elephant seals, sea lions.

Its beaches, which are easy to reach, have been chosen by the sea lions and elephant seals to establish their colonies. Moreover, since 2009 a penguin rockery is growing year after year. The first 14 adventurous couples nested in the southern coasts, where the cliffs start. Next year, the rockery reached the 85 nests, and it is expected to continue growing.

This is why the area has now been protected and declared the “Punta Ninfas Wildlife Natural Shelter “.

“El Pedral” (gravel beach) extends over 9 km along the sea shore. It is a strange geographic formation, unique in Patagonian coast, 900 m wide and 8 m deep. This is the beginning of the Golfo Nuevo (New Gulf), in Punta Ninfas.

An Atlantic Ocean which intimidates with its magnitude, contrasting with the safe waters of the gulf.
The coastline here is so deep, that Southern Right whales are able to swim very near the beach. This is a unique spectacle which can be seen while just sitting on the sand, just as good as watching them from a boat, or even better! August and September are the best months to enjoy this show, since it is mating and birthing time.

Watching the majestic Southern Right Whales, which can reach 15 m long, from aerial views is another spectacle not to be missed. El Pedral coasts are dominated by impressive cliffs of more than 60 m. This, combined with the crystalline waters, result in the privilege of being able to watch them from above, while admiring the horizon and the endless Atlantic Ocean. A magical moment. Killer whales are also frequently seen, although its behavior is difficult to predict. They can be seen from the cliffs or while taking long walks along the coast. November is the best time, since they approach our coasts searching for their prey, the newborn elephant seals. During March and April they hunt sea lions. They can be seen all year long prowling around our coasts.

This cast is completed with the steppe fauna, guanacos, foxes, maras and ñandues, and the rural activities, like the sheep shearing.

El Pedral is located 12 km from Punta Ninfas lighthouse. This is the place where the Golfo Nuevo starts (New Gulf), separating from the Atlantic Ocean, 73 km away from Puerto Madryn and 100 km away from Trelew. Almost the entire route is gravel, so it would take around 1.15 hs drive from Madryn and 1.45 hs from Trelew to get to the Lodge.

In order to explore El Pedral, we propose two options:

This proposal involves accommodation at the Lodge, which will allow guest to discover the area by taking part in the different activities we offer. We recommend a 2-3 stay for passengers who do not have much time and have a long trip around Argentina, and a stay of 5 nights during summer, to enjoy the sea, the beaches, the swimming pool and the aquatic activities. Please avoid an early flight when checking out, since this would mean passengers would have to get up at 5 am, considering that it takes at least 1 hour drive to get to El Pedral, that it is a gravel route and that if it rains, the road could get difficult.

This is a regular half day tour which departs from Puerto Madryn. In a small group of no more than 12 people, this will allow those passengers who do not have time to stay at the Lodge, to enjoy its landscapes and fauna watching, discovering Patagonia’s magnitude. This half day program includes lunch, and it is ideal as an introduction or closure to the visit around the area or the perfect combination with a visit to Gaiman.

Services & Facilities
The main building of the Lodge is a relic of the Norman style house, which was built in 1923 by Don Felix Arbeletche. It was recycled in order to offer comfort and warmth, preserving its main characteristics. It has 3 buildings:

1. The main house, with the dining room and the living room. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing moment or a quiet reading. The guide/drivers room is also here. Upstairs, the tower offers an intimate reading room and an inspiring view of the steppe and the sea.

2. Two other buildings with the same style as the main house, which together with the main house, form an “L”. The Lodge has 8 rooms. Every two rooms, a small hall is shared, where guests can leave their coats and shoes. All rooms can be twin or double, according to the guests needs. Two of them can be triple. Maximum capacity 16 guests. We have a crib at disposal.

3. The “Quincho”: it is located 50 meters from the main house. Its dining room is ideal for “asados” (barbecue). There is a game room with a Snooker. Outside, a swimming pool of 14 meters x 1 meters.

Important facts to remember
El Pedral is committed to the environment:

  • 220 volts electricity, generated by eolic energy. There a Diesel generator as a backup. We recommend to bring a lantern just in case, since technology can fail in such remote places, leaving us without light for a few hours.
  • There is no phone, no mobile phone sign and no Internet access. Communication with Puerto Madryn is by Radio.
  • There is no TV.
  • Laundry service is limited, since it is a desert area where it is important to control the use of water.
  • Amenities are biodegradable.
  • We separate garbage and recycle.
  • The Lodge does not accept credit cards.