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Faro Punta Delgada

Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

information Peninsula Valdes
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ABOUT FARO PUNTA DELGADA -  in their own words:

At the end of the earth, where lonely moors stretch as far as the eye can see, a different outstanding beauty captivates you. Patagonia on the Peninsula, where new sensations feed your eyes and soul. The Valdés Peninsula is considered a World Heritage.


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PUNTA DELGADA LIGHTHOUSE:   In a magically clear atmosphere stands an alert lighthouse. Located at a strategic spot, it protects vessels from sandbars. These sandbars form a wide dark green stone coast that, when covered by tides, becomes extremely dangerous for sailors navigating the untamed South Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse has life of its own and the spirit of pioneers of the Argentine Army remains inside, the spirit of those who first drifted along these lands filled with passion and adventure. At night, the lighthouse is the star. Its light beam goes through the mist giving a glimpse of magic and guiding vessels in the dark since 1905.

PUNTA DELGADA HOTEL: Originally, the place was Correo Argentino’s main office and the Argentine Navy’s casino. Today, it is an exclusive romantic hotel, where you can enjoy all the comfort in a naturally wild environment. The hotel boasts 27 warmly decorated rooms, a pub, a restaurant and a boutique.

From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, the hotel plays an undisputed role on a holiday in which absolutely everything is connected to pleasure and nature harmony.

THE RESTAURANT: With its tones of ochre and white, creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere, the all-wood restaurant offers meals along with an efficiently discrete service, home-made dishes and exquisite flavours to indulge all palates. The restaurant’s main dish is Patagonic lamb served with various accompaniments captivating restaurant guests with the typical Argentine flavour. For wine lovers, a good variety of white and red wines cheers their hearts and warms their souls. The restaurant also delights guests with other exquisite delicacies - some original, some traditional, but all home-made

The LIGHTHOUSE pub: It is a special place to share the day’s experiences and program the activities of the following day. It offers a cosy and modest atmosphere where you can find several pieces of our history, such as different elements of the National Navy, objects of the Peninsula’s country life, and piles of Puerto Madryn’s antique port spanning over one hundred years of history. Also you can play pool, cards, darts as well as various table games.

THE COAST: On the beach, the sea moistens the environment and the sound travels in the air. Energetic tides piling up against the coast to form cliffs and caves blend into the magnificent scenery. The beach houses a colony of elephant seals. Valdés Peninsula is the only continental post of elephant seals in the world. Characterised by its large size, the male’s trunk, and the female’s deep and tender look, this magnificent species makes the land a passionate place.

ACTIVITIES: The hotel offers a wide variety of activities so that you can fully enjoy your stay in the Peninsula, connect with nature and marvel at the Patagonic views.

  • Interpretative walks along the coast with specialised guides to observe elephant seals. You walk along paths that enable you to see the animals, bearing in mind how important it is not to disturb them. On the beach you can sit to observe this magnificent species, accompanied by the murmur of the sea and the dark green of the sandbars.

  • 4x4 rides to visit the most stunning views of the Peninsula and go wildlife watching to places where numerous silent inhabitants are a pleasure to look at.

  • HORSE RIDING. Horse riding along the cliffs sets your pulse running, plunges you into an earth and sea journey, making you feel you are an active participant in preserving the environment.   From the cliffs, you can see two completely different landscapes where life takes many forms. You can also hear the wind blow inwardly, see the birds flying passionately, feel the earth vibrating roughly as night begins to fall, while you desperately try to keep those brief moments that will soon begin to disappear.
  • Panoramic trekking.
  • Guided visits to the lighthouse.
  • Estancia “San Lorenzo” is home to a colony of over 120,000 Magellanic penguins. On the way to the farm, you travel all along the coast of the Peninsula, visit the Caleta Valdés Natural Reserve as well as Punta Norte (Sea Lion Natural Reserve and an excellent place to go killer whale and whale watching. You can also visit important fossil deposits.

  • Whale watching in Puerto Pirámides from the coast or boating excursions including whale watching.

  • Scuba-diving in Puerto Pirámides.