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El Aura
Lago Verde Lodge

Los Alerces National Park
near Esquel, Argentina

Fly Fishing Details

ABOUT EL AURA LAGO VERDE LODGE - in their own words: 
El Aura Lago Verde Lodget is located in the Argentine Patagonia, deeply rooted in the mountains and surrounded by a dense forest where some of the oldest living things in earth still breath: the alerce or lahuan.

The lodge is built along the shore of the lake, a perfect setting to enjoy magnificent views, get delighted with the sounds of silence and allured by the clear call of water. Miles of tracks to walk the friendly forest and discover its hidden inhabitants.   Rivers and lakes holding trout and salmon.

The resort, a quiet place to relax at any time or have dinner at the gourmet restaurant

El Aura Lago Verde Lodge is located in the heart of Los Alerces National Park surrounded by virgin forests and pristine rivers and lakes.   The bungalows and restaurants make the visitor to fully become part of the surrounding nature offering magnificent views of the forest.

There are three bungalows, each a quiet and peaceful retreat. Each bungalow has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a stone fireplace and a private deck.

Two new Double bungalows having a living room with salamander, bathroom ensuite and are fully equipped for two person use.

Huet Huet Dining Room & Casa de Te:  Meals can be served in the gourmet restaurant or delivered to the bungalows where a private dinner in a candlelit table can be arranged. The guest will enjoy natural food, with aromas and flavors of "Los Alerces" district.  Or just enjoy a real Argentine barbecue in the private outdoor grill that each bungalow has. Summer nights are perfect for outdoor dining in the deck. Lunch can be served in the bungalows or prepared for picnic.

El Aura Lago Verde Lodge is a 2 hour drive from the Esquel airport and 4 hours from Bariloche.

Los Alerces National Park encloses an area of 263.000 hectares located in Chubut, a province in the Andean region. It was created in 1937 with the aim to protect the last redoubt where one of the oldest trees on Earth: the alerce or lahuan can still be found.

The Park holds many lakes, big rivers, crystal water brooks and millennial forests of maitenes, coihues cipreses, arrayanes and notros. Different species of birds, mammals, trees and plants are part of a unique environment in one of the few virginal forests remaining in the world.

Cormorants, owls, chucaos, kaikenes, avutardas, foxes, pudúes, coipos, huemules and many animal species find here shelter and nourishment.

Lago Verde is the heart of this young but eternal forest.

The Lago Verde project has been planned to attract lovers of nature from all over the world. It is the place to plentifully enjoy patagonian beauty and hospitality.


In this unique and wild land there is no limit for your imagination. Fly fishing, trekking, camping, swimming, boating, kayaking, biking, picnicking, equestrian adventures, bird watching and gatherings around a fire with friendly people at night are the favorite activities. Click here for more information.

Evening is an special time. As the sun falls behind the mountains, the light becomes blue and fades slowly into darkness. This is the time to either walk along the shore, sit in the deck to listen to the last birds sing or just share the day’s experience with your companions.

Moon nights can be just spectacular. The air is so pure and clean that you can walk along the trecks with no other light than the moon. And while the world we know goes to sleep a new one awakes, with its own shapes, colors and sounds. Walks under a bright moon is something you cannot miss.

The National Park is waiting for you, the forest, lakes and rivers can offer you as many opportunities as you imagine or desire.

We can drop you in an island for lunch or guide you through the forest, or… just let us know what you wish and we will make it real.

Besides the National Park there are some interesting options to be considered such as visiting the Leleque museum, walking the streets of El Bolsón city, home of famous handcrafts, or going to the small town of Trevelin where a welsh tea house, built by the first european immigrants that came to the mountains can be visited.