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Extend your South America Experience!
Stop in one of our popular ski resorts during your South America journey.

Our summer is South America's winter and that means plenty of snow in the Andes of Chile and Argentina - and great ski resorts to give you all the powder rushes you could imagine!

Snows begin to fall in June and July, August and September are the months to ski. Both Chile and Argentina have ski resorts - there are three that are the most popular and provide the best internationally oriented facilities and services:

Bariloche, Argentina: Think of a year round lake and mountain resort town, with pubs, restaurants, shops, boutiques and a multitude of hotels and the slopes are just 20 minutes away.

Portillo, Chile: Is an independent resort in the Andes just two hours driving time from Santiago - no towns nearby; your world is that offered by the Hotel Portillo.

Valle Nevado, Chile: Also a resort, but a resort "complex" with three hotels clustered together, and lifts and runs interlacing with those of three other ski facilities on the same mountain.

La Puma Lodge, Chile: Just 90 minutes from Santiago by helicopter, La Puma offers the biggest private heli-ski center in the world.

Just click on the name of any of these ski areas for more information.  And then add this experience to your South America journey.