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Eco Park Lodge

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AMAZON ECOPARK Jungle Lodge is a touristic, scientific and educational property, created and directed by a private initiative back in 1991, opening its doors to the public as an Ecotourism Lodge in 1995. Several streams of clear water run through the area. Over 6 miles of jungle trails including un-catalogued species, natural savannahs and creeks enable clients to explore the jungle, observe orchids and giant trees.

Located in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest, at just 30 minutes by boat from Manaus, the Lodge is on the banks of the Rio Trauma - a tributary of Rio Negro- (Black River)

For breakfast: fresh fruits of the season (watermelon, papaya, banana etc), variety of regional fruits juices (taperebá, cupuaçu, açai, graviola etc.), breads, cookies, white and yellow cheese, ham, cakes, French toast, pancakes, jams, butter, coffee, milk, hot chocolate and tea. Eggs (scrambled, fried, omelets) are prepared upon request.

Lunch and Dinner: buffet style, with various options of beef, chicken or fish ( tambaqui, tucunaré, pirarucu , pacu etc), warm side dishes (white rice, potatoes (baked, fried or boiled), vegetables, salads (lettuce, carrots, broccoli, tomato etc.), fresh fruits of the season (papaya, pineapple, mango, watermelon etc) and various desserts (cupcake pie with Brazil nuts, ravioli cream, cupcake or passion fruit pudding, banana and meringue dessert, chocolate cake, fruit desserts etc. (special diet meals available upon request - extra charge will apply)

Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge has 60 apartments distributed in 20 bungalows. Each unit has three apartments, made of concrete and wood. Each room with independent entrance, porches and bathrooms, all with air conditioning, electric showers and screened windows. The bungalows, although rustic, are pleasantly decorated and provide much comfort (night light, carpet, indigenous decorative objects, etc.)


Night tours in canoes: Depart lodge in paddle or motorized canoes, to appreciate the sounds of the jungle at night, with the possibility to spot small alligators (or other nightly creatures). Alligators are spotted because their eyes shine like small red lights, once the alligator is spotted by the guide spotlight, the guide will try to catch a small alligator with his own hands and bring it on to the canoe, and a brief explanation of their habitat follows. The alligator will then be safely release back to the river. (No harm is done to any of the animals)
Duration: about 1 hour, a bilingual guide accompanies every group.
Note: during "high water level" season (from April to August) and on full moon evenings, it might be difficult to find alligators.

Full day tour Meeting of the waters: After breakfast, guests will depart the lodge in regional boats. During this day tour, guests will have the opportunity to see one of the highlights of the Amazon : "The Meeting of the Waters" where the black waters of the Negro River and the brown waters of the Solimões River meet and run together for miles without mixing until they finally merge to form the actual Amazon River. Lunch will be served at a typical restaurant. Guests will also visit a rubber plantation and learn the art of extracting latex from the rubber tree and the process of curing it. The guide will explain about the rubber boon period in the Amazon during the beginning of the century. After lunch, opportunity to visit a local village of "Caboclo's", Amazon residents.
Sporadically grey and pink river dolphins can be seen in the river during this tour.
Duration: about 09 hours
Note: Time for "piranha" fishing is programmed (at extra charge).

Fishing Tour: Depart lodge in paddle or motorized canoes, accompanied by a
Bilingual guide. (Fishing of piranhas an other species, depending on season).
Note 1: It is a non-professional fishing.
Note 2: This tour can be combined with the "Meeting of the Waters" Tour and/ or with a "Visit to the Caboclo's House".

Visit to the Caboclos house:

Depart the lodge in paddle or motorized canoes, accompanied by a
Bilingual guide to learn about the traditions and customs of local Amazonians (“Caboclo’s").
Duration: it may vary according to the place visited / "low water level seasons" closest to the Lodge; "high water level season" distant communities can be visited (1 to 3 hours).

Sunrise tour: In the early morning, depart Lodge in paddle or motorized canoes, accompanied by a Bilingual guide to appreciate the wonderful Amazonian sunrise, with opportunity to see some bird dormitories
* This is an optional tour and it is not included in the package rate.

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Jungle Survival: The group will gather at the lobby for an introduction to the "Jungle Survival Training". Group will be accompanied by Bilingual guides and a professional who is specialized in jungle survival skills. Activities will involve trekking in the jungle throughout the morning and afternoon.
The group will learn how to build different types of shelters, using natural resources from the jungle (palm tree leaves, vines, Etc). Due to the short time available, the group will have to build these shelters not from the beginning, as some of them will be pre made. The group will learn how to make traps using the natural resources of the jungle (for hunting and survival in the jungle), l learn about the extraction and curing of latex from trees. Here there will be a "tapir" (straw shelter) built with the native rubber workers belongings. The technique of extracting latex will be shown as well as the entire process of curing it.

During the trek, guests will also learn basic orientation in the jungle using a compass and first aid, how to make fire and find water from natural resources as well as edible plants,. Lunch will consist of sandwiches, fruits a bbq of chicken and/or piranhas and soup (picnic style).

Jungle Survival with overnight:
Jungle survival program with dinner (will consist of sandwiches, fruits bbq of chicken and/or piranhas and soup (picnic style). Overnight in the jungle sleeping in hammocks protected by "tapirs" (thatched roof). The breakfast will consist of coffee, bread and fruits also in picnic style.

*we will always request the clients profile and the program can be adapted according to age, physical conditions and time available.

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A rehabilitation center for primates brought to this local by IBAMA when confiscated from illegal sales and exports. At this location, primates are initially kept in quarantine in order to be evaluated and treated by veterinarians and biologists. After a period of time, primates are reintroduced to the jungle.

During the years that this project has been in action, a twice a day food program was developed feed the primates, (always at 11:00 a/m and 05:00 p/m). During the feeding process, this area is opened to visitors under the supervision of guides and specialized staff, guests of Ecopark Jungle Lodge can observe film and photograph the animals in a total and safe environment.

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