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Hacienda Concepcion

Adjacent to Tambopata National Park


About Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion - in their own words: 
The new addition to our rustic chic, luxury jungle lodges collection

Sensitively positioned within walking distance from the beautiful and secluded Lake Sandoval, Inkaterra's latest addition to luxury jungle lodges offers rustic chic amidst unspoiled wilderness of the pristine side of the Amazon. Just relax or unwind to your heart’s content.

Cozy interiors of thatched roof, wood and expansive forest views make every meal magical. Inspired by the tropical flavors of the Amazon region, meals and beverages are prepared with fresh local ingredients. We serve an international buffet breakfast; lunch and dinner. All meals include a variety of salads and fruits, as well as a selection of homemade breads. We also offer vegetarian options and a children’s menu, upon request.

Pristine, remote, yet easily accessible.

A welcoming haven situated at the heart of a 17,000 380 hectare-private ecological reserve (42,008-acre 439 acre).

Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, is built in a former cacao and rubber plantation, on the grounds of what was back in the 50’s "Fundo Concepción", an Amazonian medical catholic mission center. In 1979 the ownership was passed to Inkaterra; and in 2003, the NGO Inkaterra Asociación (ITA) jointly with ACEER (Amazon Center for Education and Environmental Research) formed an alliance with the aim of promoting the conservation of ecosystems and natural resources in Tambopata. The National Geographic Society supported the restoration of the station.

The projection onwards was to bring all interested travelers an opportunity to learn about nature and biodiversity first hand through unforgettable experiences in a comfortable rainforest immersion.

The rainforest acts as a buffer zone between the Tambopata National Park Reserve and the shores of the vast Madre de Dios river, making the location of this new lodge quite unique and wonderfully remote.

Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, comprises 819 hectares of mostly primary rainforest, with a natural cocha or oxbow lake. It is home to diverse ecosystems, tropical plants and wildlife. The lodge acts as a buffer zone between the Tambopata National Reserve and the shores of the vast Madre de Dios River, making the location of Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción a privileged one.

This family-friendly lodge will introduce you to the biodiversity of the rainforest through the wide range of land and river fixed excursions in its surroundings; as you may have the opportunity to observe giant river otters (Pteronura brasiliensis), blue and yellow macaws (Ara ararauna), dusky titi monkeys (Callicebus moloch), paiches (Arapaima gigas), agoutis (Dasyprocta variegata), two-toed sloths (Bradypus variegatus), peccaries (Tayassu tajacu), hoatzins (Opisthocomus hoazin), fly catchers, black caimans (Melanosuchus niger), ladder-tailed nightjar (Hydropsalis climacocerca), among others.

Located only 8 kilometers / 25 minutes down river from Puerto Maldonado, Hacienda Concepcioón can only be reached by taking a scenic canoe ride from the town.

From Puerto Maldonado Airport, check-in at the Inkaterra Butterfly House, then 10 minute transfer to the Boarding Wharf for a 25-minute boat transfer along the river to the Lodge.

Immerse in a pure and effortless jungle stay, as you relish nature at its most comfortable. While the Amazon invites exploration and adventure, this pristine setting also inspires much needed rest and relaxation. With this in mind, our Hacienda Concepcion features supremely comforting main lodge, Casa Grande with 8 generous sized twin rooms and 12 individual Cabañas, built in the typical Amazon style. High ceilinged with hand-woven, thatched roofing, a spacious dining area are decked out with locally-crafted, warm colored furnishings made of reclaimed new lumber. You will gaze out into the forest on its covered porches overlooking the “Cocha” – perfect for wildlife spotting in a fresh but stylish atmosphere and a caring service put together to offer the kind of jungle getaway you truly deserve.

A relaxing setting, ideal for couples, private and separate, each Cabaña is equipped with two twin or one king bed, mosquito net, 70/30% cotton sheets, 2 hypoallergenic pillows per guest, hypoallergenic comforters, cotton bath robes, and bathrooms with hot water, natural essence toiletries; also, light in the bathroom. For you comfort, reading lights, outlets, and a ceiling fan, with turn down service between 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

After a day of vigorous but enlightening jungle activity, relax in one of our spacious rooms – ideal for families or group of friends – housed in one big Amazon-style architecture. Equipped with two twins or one king bed, 70/30% cotton sheets, 2 hypoallergenic pillows per guest, hypoallergenic comforters, cotton bath robes, and bathrooms with hot water, and natural essence toiletries. For you comfort, reading lights, outlets, and a ceiling fan, with turn down service between 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Wildlife in the Tambopata Reserve is remarkable. Giant colorful parrots, toucans, and macaws share the forest with tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis), peccaries (Tayassu tajacu), black caimans (Melanusuchus niger), and anacondas (Eunectes murinus). Our region is home to hundreds of butterfly species and a large variety of monkeys, southern river otters (Lutra longicaudis), four feline species, and much more. Numerous world records for biodiversity have been broken here, and many species are still undiscovered. Tambopata Reserve holds the world record for ant species, 365 species (Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica); and for butterflies, 1200 species (Explorer’s Inn).

Note: The Amazon Rainforest has abundant wildlife, although many animals like to hide in the dense vegetation. Be aware that you may not actually see them.

Africa promotes its "Big Five", their largest animals; the Amazonia could be said to be home of "The Tiniest Five Thousand Creatures".

Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción was rebuilt in the wooden Amazonian hacienda- style, providing a fresh but stylish environment with 12 independent cabañas in the property, and 8 rooms in the Casa Grande, which was originally built in the fifties. Guests will live an Amazonian experience surrounded by an array of wildlife and native flora.

The design combines wooden rainforest classic hacienda-looks and furniture with modern, casual features as to enjoy a comfortable, fresh but stylish environment. The Casa Grande boasts high ceilings with traditional hand-woven crisneja (Geonoma deversa), a fishtail palm leaf, thatched roofing and a spacious dining area decked out with locally-crafted, warm natural colored furnishings made of reclaimed lumber.

Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción has 2 main social areas in the Casa Grande. The first floor has 12 dining tables and a bar. The second floor has a scenic lounge.

The nutritious meals are mainly prepared with organic and local farm products with special regional seasoning. Meals include vegetarian options.