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Anavilhanas Lodge

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ABOUT THE ANAVILHANAS LODGE - in their own words:
Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is the only Hotel in Northern Brazil to be part of the Associação de Roteiros de Charme (Charm Itinerary Association), greatest authority in quality artisanal lodging for boutique hotels in Brazil, following the principles of low-impact intervention to conduct tourism activities responsibly and in harmony with the local community. We are also described as one of the most authentic and unique hotels in Brazil by National Geographic Traveler editors for 2011 Stay List.

There are 16 suites and 4 bungalows in our Lodge, all of them equipped with split air conditioning, box beds, hot and cold water, fridge and an inviting porch. The architecture is in line with the regional tradition: lots of  hay and suspended wooden structures, holding cozy rooms where our guests will find peace and quiet for an invigorating night’s sleep. Throughout the hotel, the homespun atmosphere comes from modern forms and contours which enhance the grace of natural materials and their functions in the structure. It is wonderful to notice how nature is generous when treated with care and skill.

Our restaurant is hidden amidst the trees, but through them it is possible to behold the dark water river, so dark that it has been called Rio Negro (Black River). In the menu, you will find a blend of classic traditional dishes with international cuisine, prepared and served with diligence for an impeccable presentation.

The deck and pool overlook the river and are nested among the trees that provide shade, peacefulness and a perfect spot for contemplation. In the Reception and Bar you will find a rich library, comfortable chairs and gaming tables which invite the guests to relax and take their time in good company. There is also a small floating deck which allows our guests to take a river dive, or to simply contemplate the quietness of the dark waters.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is located 110 km northwest of Manaus, in the county of Novo Airão, on the right margin of Rio Negro (Black River). We are right across from the world’s largest river archipelago, bathed by the Rio Negro waters and cut by Pato and Monteiro riverbanks. In the region considered as the fountainhead of  the Amazon basin, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is the perfect place to rest and relax.

The hotel can be reached by land or by water, and all transport is based on the city of Novo Airão. From Manaus, after crossing the majestic Rio Negro in one of the regular ferry boats, you will take a comfortable van across a road that stretches 180km into the woods and leads to the small town of Novo Airão. The hotel is about 15 minutes from the town sailing down the Rio Negro, and the access is not affected by the yearly droughts in the region. Transport takes an average of 3:15hs and is coordinated by the hotel.

TRANSPORT - AT A GLANCE: Transportation from Manaus to the Lodge can be done in the following ways:

A: Regular transfer (included in the package):
1st Stretch (2:45hs – asphalt road): Airport/Hotel to Novo Airão port – Van
2nd Stretch (15 min): Novo Airão port to the Hotel – boat

B: Hydroplane (not included in the package):
Single stretch (35 min): The reservation has to be made in advance for price confirmation.
Caravan Amphibian: holds 8 passengers and the pilot
Lake Amphibian: holds 4 passengers and the pilot

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is environmentally friendly and complies with all wildlife conservation laws. From its construction to its daily operation, everything follows the principles of sustainability:

  • The Permanent Preservation Area was respected, preserving 30m of riverbank vegetation, thus preventing erosion or blockage of nearby rivers
  • The construction plans followed the guidelines of an Environmental Control Plan, designed by a team of forest engineers and biologists aiming to minimize the environmental impact and better understand the surrounding region
  • All wood used in the construction came from wood extraction reserves, with trees specially grown for this purpose.
  • All waste is sent for recycling
  • The sewer is treated in biologically treated in septic tanks and never reaches the existing waterways.

The cottages, restaurant and reception were geographically distributed so as to minimize the impact on the region, keeping the landscape in line with the forest. We believe that ecotourism is one of the main allies to the preservation of plant and wildlife in the Amazon. The conscious tourism generates income, gives economic purpose to the preservation of native wildlife, helps the control of public offices and encourages environmental education among the native population and visitors.

Greatest river archipelago in the world, the Estação Ecológica de Anavilhanas contains about 400 islands which extend for over 90 km of untouched native forest. It is a veritable maze of lakes, rivers and riverbanks which are the home to a very rich plant and animal life. Located on Rio Negro, the archipelago is a paradise for biologists, ecologists and tourists.
The archipelago is directly affected by the water cycle and its landscape changes in accordance to the river level. During the drought season, normally from September to December, the visitor can find beaches of thin sand on the margins of the islands, as well as some sand banks in the middle of the rivers. During flood season, vast forest areas are flooded, providing a unique possibility to explore the forest in canoes. At the high point of the flood season, entire islands are submerged, granting access to otherwise isolated lakes.

Each package contains a series of tours that help the visitor to understand and experience the wilderness safely and comfortably. We offer explanatory and contemplative tours without interfering with the wildlife and preserving the natural ecosystem. Doses of adventure are added to each ride according to our guests’ personal preference, which conducts all of our activities. The Tours are:

Pink Dolphin Feeding Spot and Craft Shops in Novo Airão (2,5 hs aprox.)
We take the guests to a floating deck where wild river dolphins come everyday. Then, the tourist will go to 2 craft shops, where local workers offer original natural products. Offered in all packages

Jungle Hike (2,5 h aprox.)
Trekking through the unstirred forest, toured by local guides who will reveal some of the mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Knowledge about trees, herbs and fruits, jungle survival orientation and natural medicine notions are transferred to the tourist. Offered in all packages

Tour through Anavilhanas Archipelago (2,5 h aprox.)
The many channels (paranás), lakes, and islands of the world’s greatest freshwater archipelago are explored in regional boats. Offered in all packages

Piranha’s Fishing (2 hs aprox.)
A fun fishing experience, where the tourist will have the opportunity of fishing and taking piranhas and other small fishes, while enjoys the beauty of rivers and streams. Offered in all packages

Night Spotting (1,5 hs aprox.)
The unique sensation of living the Amazon Forest during the night in motorized canoes is experienced in search of night birds, sloths, snakes, caimans and sounds. Offered in all packages

Sunrise contemplation (1,5 hs aprox.)
Denaturing very soon in the morning in canoes, the tourist will watch the colorful sky changing with the sun rays, see the birds flying to their places and hear the noise of the waken forest. Offered in all packages

Paddling through the surrounding waters (2 hs aprox.)
In small wooden canoes, the tourist can explore the Igapós and Igarapés next to the lodge, enjoying the sounds, smells and surprising views of the flooded woods. Offered in the 4D/3N package or longer

Local community visit (2 hs aprox.)
We will visit an isolated community in the middle of Rio Negro where the tourist can understand their way of life and their social organization. Offered in the 4D/3N package or longer

Bow and Arrow practice (1,5 hs aprox.)
A fun and safe practice on appropriate targets using original Waimiri-Atroari Indian weapons. Offered in the 5D/4N package or longer

Madadá’s Full Day Tour (7hs aprox.)
The day starts at 8:30 when the guests get into a fast motorized canoe and cross 50 km of the Archipelago. An incredible jungle hike takes place among some impressive rocks; picnic is served for lunch at belvedere and the islands are explored on the way back to the Lodge. Offered only in the 6D/5N package