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Rainforests are a bit intimidating.

They are always so huge, so vast, so tall, so dense, so busy, so ... unknown.

And all of that is part of their allure, part of their fascination.

Without a doubt there are many great travel experiences in the rainforest, like snuggling down beneath the sheets, listening to the pounding rain on a thatched roof, while the thunder booms, the lighting flashes and the breezes cool.

Or staring up into the canopy, often so tall the sky isn't visible, watching monkeys pass overhead.

Rainforests are essential to life itself. They cleanse our air. They hold the secrets to many medicinal remedies. They provide a timeless way of life to the few remaining indigenous peoples, who find abundance in the rainforest's depths.

It's easy to include a rainforest visit when visiting South and Central America.

The key is to get the right rainforest for you and to be ready to experience it in it's glory.