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1) 50 years of Knowledge & Experience
LADATCO's celebrates 50 years in 2016 and our team's destination experiences total more than 125 years. Each of the owners has been with the company more than 40 years and our newest employee is already a 14 year veteran. For all of us, Latin America has always been, and will continue to be, our singular passion.

2) Been There, Done That
We are destination specialists.   We sell what we know.  We know what we sell. We are on the road in and around South & Central America on an ongoing basis, renewing our expertise and expanding our offerings of intriguing places, special lodgings and rewarding experiences. We know what's new, what's improved, what's planned. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of destination knowledge.

3) Custom Designed - Tailored to Fit
Custom Designed is LADATCO's only travel style.  We do not have set programs with set departure dates and set itineraries, We take all our "been there, done that" expertise and put it to work for hassle-free, trips of a lifetime in Latin America....for families getting together to celebrate a holiday or milestone event...for a reunion of old friends...for special interest groups...for individuals and couples ready to explore new worlds of travel discovery.

4) Before You Go
LADATCO knows trip preparation and anticipation can be almost as important as the travel experience itself. We start by offering one of the most complete travel planning Web sites in the industry (www.ladatco.com) introducing our choices of major attractions, the finest hotels, suggested itineraries, comprehensive country fast facts and more.  Further, we have developed a Pre-Departure Trip Information Kit, customized for each trip and full of travel tips and destination insight. On departure, clients take off with Final Documents that include a day-by-day itinerary, complete information on local travel hosts and hotel contacts, and concise vouchers for all hotels and services along the way.

5) On the Road
Our LADATCO family embraces our on-site partners in South and Central America, who share our commitment to Pampered Adventure. Their professional staffs not only share their insider knowledge of each destination they call home, but provide hands-on care and individual attention to every aspect of local arrangements. Travel becomes hassle-free, leaving our clients at ease to relax, enjoy and immerse themselves in the wonders of the places they are visiting.


Custom Designed...Pampered Adventure

South and Central America plus the Falkland Islands and Antarctica...
There you will find LADATCO's world. It's a world we love. And the world we know best. We are destination specialists who custom design one-of-a-kind vacations that reflect every traveler's needs and wishes. Our destination expertise permits us to enrich the travel planning process and guarantee delivery of meticulous arrangements and services.

At LADATCO, we elevate the experience of travel....
beyond the ordinary....
to the level of Pampered Adventure.