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What We Do
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Custom Designed...Pampered Adventure

South and Central America plus the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.
There you will find LADATCO's world. It's a world we love. It's our only world.

We are destination specialists,
celebrating 50 years of destination experience in 2016.

Custom Designed  is LADATCO's only travel style.
We do not have set programs or set itineraries.
We have many sample programs which can be customized,
and lots of destination information and preferred properties
for tailoring your Pampered Adventure for a perfect fit..

We take all our "been there, done that" expertise and put it to work
for one-of-a-kind hassle-free trips of a lifetime....
for families getting together to celebrate a holiday or milestone event....
for a reunion of old friends.....for special interest travelers....
for individuals and couples....
for you, based on your Wish List and Trip Parameters.

At LADATCO, we elevate the experience of travel....
beyond the ordinary....
to the level of Pampered Adventure.