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Passenger Trip Reviews

A selection of reports from travelers who have used LADATCO TOURS.

We just got back from our trip yesterday. We wanted to thank both of you because the trip was just spectacular. We loved all our guides and the transportation coordinators didn't miss a beat. They took care of everything.

While there, we realized that not everyone goes through Arequipa and the Colca Canyon. And we wanted to thank you for having the knowledge to send us there because that was one of our favorite parts of the trip. Arequipa was actually our favorite city (even over Cusco).

Thank you!!! The trip was everything and more we hoped it would be. You two also helped us focus our trip on Peru (vs other countries in South America), and we couldn't be happier about it. Peru is a wonderful country and we hope more people will start going there!

Best,  L

We've been back over two weeks and I'm still not caught. It was a wonderful trip - no hitches what so ever. I certainly would recommend every aspect of our itinerary. It was special. Are there any surveys to fill out? How can I get the word out about the great job that you did?

Regards, D

We've been back from South America for a week and are just getting back to "normal".We wanted to thank you for a well planned and thoroughly enjoyable trip.  The Amazon andIguazu Falls were awe inspiring and fascinating and Rio and Buenos Aires were interesting and fun.  We liked the contrast of the mix of natural wonders and big cities.  Our guides, especially in Rio and Iguazu Falls, were outstanding.  Thanks for your expertise and guidance.

M & M J

R and I want to thank you very much for your expertise and assistance in helping us plan one of our best vacations ever. When we look back on 06 our South America trip will clearly be a highlight - it was perfect for us. R's knees are doing somewhat better - not perfect and not ready for mountain climbing but he is doing reasonably well walking some distance on flat surfaces. We hope you are making similar progress. We'll keep looking at SA alternatives and if we find something we like we'll be in touch.

Thank you again - you helped provide wonderful memories to our life together.

R & K

sorry for the delayed response.  South America was fantastic - all of the arrangements went off perfectly.  Each of the 4 hosts were waiting for us when we arrived and always made sure we got to where we were supposed to be when we left.  We had a great time with all four, saw and learned so much more than we ever could have on our own.  The city tours were great in Buenos Aires and Santiago.   Having a guide at the beginning and end of the Lake Crossing was definitely the best part.  Our guide, Andrea drove us while the remainder had to ride a bus, and she made sure we were the first on and off the boat, and that our luggage was well taken care of.  Our guide in Bariloche actually came onto the boat and pulled us off first, and then waited for our luggage, which ensured to avoid a 45 minute event.  In fact the entire trip, we felt like vip's  Definitely not what we are used to, but it made for a great time and released any travel stress and worries so that we could focus on a great, once in a lifetime trip. 
We would most definitely recommend Ladatco for another South America jaunt....

S & R, Arizona

I wanted to thank you very much for putting together such a nice trip for my family last June...Everyone enjoyed themselves very much...It was a very special trip and EVERYTHING went just according to plan...I have now had two wonderful experiences with LADATCO...Please feel free to use my name as a very favorable reference...Thank you once again...


Thanks  for all your help. The trip was everything I expected and more. Without hesitation, I would recommend you to anyone seeking help in planning a trip. We had a great time!

JW - Florida

My wife and I have returned from the travels you arranged on our behalf. I thought a note from us would be in order to let you know that the trip was exceedingly well organized and well conceived from your part. We wanted to compliment you for the thorough and professional job you did in organizing the trip, advise you that the people we dealt with in the various countries we visited were friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and capable. We would not hesitate to recommend you and Ladatco to any person interested in South American or Latin country travel.

Very truly yours,
SB - Colorado

We are writing to thank you for the role you and Ladatco played in making our tour of the Galapagos such a positive experience.

Your choice of cruise ship and itinerary was perfectly in keeping with what we wanted to see and accomplish, and permitted us to proceed at a pace that was not exhausting. Your transfer agents in Guayaquil were prompt, ready to help, and did much to make our arrivals and departures as effortless as possible.

As our home for the week of our tour, the Galapagos Explorer II proved comfortable and well maintained. The crew and staff were gracious, polite, sociable and attentive to our needs and safety. The briefings and responses to our questions prepared us for what we were to see and do. The menus were varied and the food and presentation were good.

Your planning and the information you provided before we left were important to our enjoyment of the trip. Your recommendations, your willingness to answer questions and you ability to accomplish things with service providers in Ecuador all resulted in our visit to the Galapagos being a memorable and unique travel event.

We would be pleased to recommend you and Ladatco to any and all planning a similar excursion.

With warm regards,
L&B B - Pennsylvania

You and your company should be congratulated in developing your strong network of excellent guides and knowledge of the locations to visit in Peru. Excellent tour guides met us at each stop (Amazon, Lima, Cuzco & La Paz). They were also a very good source of local information that added to our experience in understanding the development, history and current status of the people in the country. Many rich stories were told to enhance this understanding.

Many of my friends have asked about the high point(s) of the trip and my only response has been to say that the whole trip was a high point. The contrasts of the various regions gave us good perspective on the types of development challenging the government and local people. We did a flyover to the Nazca Lines which added another dimension to our understanding. The Inca kings must have been very resourceful to develop this contribution to mankind.

Thank you very much for helping us plan this trip and for arranging for all of the local tours.

WB - Oregon

I am writing to let you know that my wife and I were extremely delighted with our recent trip to Chile that you arranged for us. We have traveled internationally a great deal and our Chile trip was without doubt the best planned, executed and hassle-free vacation that we have ever had. My compliments to you, your staff and your representative in Chile!

Thanks for everything!

Very truly yours,
DC - Alabama

Our trip was terrific…everything worked out very well. We were enthusiastic about all the places we stayed; the arrangements (our car, van pickups, guides, etc.) all went flawlessly. The weather was perfect, the scenery (and photo opportunities) were great, and the people of both countries (Costa Rica & Guatemala) were friendly.

Thanks again for all you did in making the arrangements and contributing so much to the success of our trip.

Warm regards,
MC - Ohio

I just wanted to let you know what a great trip my husband and I had to Costa Rica. All the arrangements were perfect, Swiss Travel took great care of us and called us frequently to see if everything was okey.

Thank you so much for all that you did for us. I was very impressed that everything went so smoothly.

SC - Grand Cayman Island

Dear Sandra (Premier Travel and Tour)

Once again you have done a wonderful job with the travel plans. Ladatco was a great find. Many of the tours were private and the transfers between flights and hotels were a breeze. The guides were fascinating and the hotels were top notch.

If we go the South America again, Ladatco would be our first choice.

Thank you again,
BH - Pennsylvania

Recently returned from Quito and Amazonia and wanted to tell you how well things went. (The) room at Swisshotel was capacious, with a wonderful view. Marco and the driver (from Metropolitan) were knowledgeable, helpful and very attentive. The week at Kapawi was magically wonderful (I cannot understand why anyone would want to go there for just 3 days). I think we may have had the best located ‘cottage’ available…built out into the lake somewhat more forward than others and nicely close to dining and bar (helpful in the downpours). Some variability in their activity organization, but we had a fun and interesting time overall.

All in all, a well planned, highly enjoyable, hassle free adventure.

Thank you,
SK & MB – Pennsylvania

My wife Beatrice and I cannot thank you enough for the exquisite arrangements you made for our recent vacation in Brazil and Argentina. The destinations, tours, hotels, fishing and airline arrangements were all magnificent. Thank you for providing us numerous experiences that were far beyond our wildest expectations.

Very gratefully,
LS - Minnesota

Dear Alma (Prestige Travel),

This note is to document how pleased we were with services provided by Ladatco Tours in our recent trip to South America. Since it was the first time Prestige Travel had used Ladatco, we were somewhat apprehensive about what we might expect. As it turned out, everything throughout the trip went like clockwork.

We were with Jerry R for several days in Chilean Patagonia. He was an excellent guide and very pleasant company. We were met by two different gentlemen in our transfers through Santiago and they both were well informed and punctual. The Carrera Hotel was excellent. Alecia met us in Montevideo and was an excellent guide. The accommodations there and in Punta del Este were very good. Everybody we dealt with was excellent.

Finally, in addition to the representation we met on the trip, we were very satisified with Ladatco itself, which had to keep adjusting to all the frustrating cancellations and schedule changes necessary to coordinate with the Elderhostel Antartic Expedition which brought us to South America in the first place. All in all it turned out to be a quite satisfying trip.

S&M R - Ohio

Dear Diane (Plantation Travel),

Usually in a service business the only time that you hear any comments from a customer is when it’s bad. I wanted to let you know that the trip you arranged to Peru for us was one of the best we have ever taken! My wife and other traveling companions have traveled al over the world – on six continents. We have never received the level of attention and service that we received on this trip to Peru.

Our guide in Cusco, Selena, was one of the best tour guides I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was not only knowledgeable, but presented information in a way that kept us fascinated by all of the details. Her obvious pride in her culture allowed us to gain a real insight into Quechua history and traditions. Her tours of Cusco and Machu Picchu were the highlights of the trip.

All of the Peruvian staff in both Lima and Cusco were wonderful.

RP - Florida

I just spoke with Frank K and they had a wonderful time. He was especially complimentary of the land operations and all the people who handled the services. He said they were always there as expected and went out of the way to accommodate them. With such good reports from the C’s and the K’s, I feel very confident in your services and will recommend Ladatco to others in our company.

Thanks again,
AH, Travel Agent - Tennessee

We just wanted to thank you for planning for us the most MARVELOUS and WONDEROUS and FABULOUS Galapagos/Andes/Quito experience. Everything was so awesome and we really enjoyed each day. The spa was so extraordinary, the animals amazing and the city tour so information. The time you took to plan and provide us the BEST of trips is so appreciated. Thanks so much and hope you and your loved ones are SAFE.

MV & DY - Florida

I wanted to let you know that the trip to Chile you planned for us was fantastic. The whole family thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything went smoothly and we found the scenery at Atacama and Patagonia to be beautiful and offer amazing variety. We also had a guide from Sportstour, Bernardo Trigo, that was extremely helpful. We enjoyed our trip with him to Valparaiso/Vina del Mar. All in all, we found this to be the "trip of a lifetime" and look forward to future trips to South America. Thanks again for all your help. Your careful plans, itineraries and instructions helped make this a great experience.

Best regards,
IW - New Jersey

Thanks for setting up the recent trip I took with my mother. You followed through with the reservations promptly and "saved the day" when we switched our trip from the middle east to South America. The hotels were better than expected, as was the service. Cost was not the major factor in my deciding to go with Ladatco, but it may be with some. They should be made aware that you use top of the line hotels and give excellent personalized service.

ES - Illinois