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Volunteer Point

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Volunteer Point is a full day's excursion from Stanley, and one of the great country experiences. With improvements to the road, the entire trip is now only 2 1/4 hours, with the last hour being off-road cross-country track.  An experienced guide and Land Rover driver is an absolute must to avoid getting bogged down. But getting there is part of the fun and experiencing the Land Rover off-road travel is one of the highlights of the day.

In addition to the largest accessible King penguin colony in the Islands, there is also a colony of Gentoos and Magellanic penguins anda host of other wildlife to be seen along the beach and on the lagoons, as well as spectacular scenery as you traverse the north of East Falkland.

While you will see Gentoos at a variety of places in the Falklands, Kings are not so frequently found and Volunteer Point might be the only chance to experience a colony of them.

As of 2005 there are around 600 breeding pairs of King penguins and nearby over 750 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins.

In addition to these colonies, there are several hundred pairs of Magellanic pengins, a wide array of wading birds such as oystercatchers and sandpipers, and smaller birds like the long-tailed meadowlark, Falklands thrush, Magellanic snipe, Falkland pipit and dark-faced ground-tyrant.