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Kidney Cove

Kidney Cove is part of a privately owned sheep farm, the Murrell Farm which covers 10,000 acres. Here are four species of penguins - King, Magellanic, Gentoo and Rockhopper. Here too are the Falkland skuas who have a fearsome reputation when protecting their nests, and the turkey vulture, the largest and most common bird of prey in the islands. 

There is an extended 6-hour excursion available that offers a special opportunity to see both Gentoo and the elusive King penguin.  Approximately 20 minutes by motorlaunch from the Public Jetty in Stanley to Sparrow Cove, where a special built pontoon allows access.  Then 30 minutes overland via cross-country track takes you to the Gentoo penguin colony with approximately 1680 pairs.  Then continue on to the Rockhopper colony.  You can often also see King penguins as well as other wildlife such as red-backed hawks, Falkland Skuas, Upland Geese and the Falkland Flightless steamer duck. You'll also have fantastic scenery and views of Stanley and the surrounding mountains.