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El Chalten
, Argentina
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ABOUT DON LOS CERROS DEL CHALTEN - in their own words:
Hotel Don Los Cerros stands in the middle of a wild and exuberant Nature, creating a harmonic dialogue between its architecture and the surrounding landscape. It is a place with a direct reference to the environment and the features of the location, considering the mountainous constructions with their red sloping roofs and the use of local stone as the emblematic element. All the materials selected pursue the core objective of enhancing the building to offer a competitive product of international level. The Hotel surprises with its details of comfort and refinement, its panoramic views of Río de las Vueltas and El Chaltén, its regional cuisine of international level, and the personalized and dedicated attention of its professional staff. You are kindly invited to enjoy this unique experience.

The Hotel offers 44 rooms of maximum comfort in an intimate, relaxed and natural environment. They have been decorated with simple warmth in harmony with the environment, being the result of a delicate combination of rustic materials with cozy and colorful elements. Its large windows offer imposing views of El Chaltén landscape and the Río de las Vueltas.

Room details:

Premium rooms (4) Superior rooms (8) Chalten rooms (32)
Location: Second Floor Ground Level and First Floor Ground Level, First and Second Floor
Occupancy: SGL or DBL basis SGL or DBL Basis SGL or DBL basis
Lay-Out: 4 rooms with Double Size Beds 4 rooms on the Ground Level:
  2 with Double Beds and 02 with Twin Beds
4 rooms at First Floor:
  2 with Double Beds and 02 with Twin Beds
12 rooms on Ground Floor:
  6 with Double Bed and 06 with Twin Beds
12 rooms on the First Floor:
  6 with Double Bed and 06 with Twin Beds
8 rooms on the Second Floor:
  4 with Double Bed and 04 with Twin Beds
Bed Size: King Size Double Bed with Sommier
(2.00 x 2.00 m)
Individual Bed with sommier (1.00 x 2.00 m)
King Size Double Bed with sommier (2.00 x 2.00 m)
Individual Bed with sommier (1.00 x 2.00 m)
King Size Double Bed with sommier (2.00 x 2.00 m)
Bathroom: Hydro-massage; Shower; Hair Dryer;
Hydro-massage: Shower: Hair Dryer: Amenities Hydro-massage: Shower: Hair Dryer: Amenities
Mini-bar: Available at each room Available at each room Available at every room

Hotel Layout: The Hotel has 3 levels:

Ground Level
Superior Rooms 04
Chaltén Rooms 12
Reception, Restaurant-Bar, Fireplace, Boutique
First Floor
Superior Rooms 04
Chaltén Rooms 12
Cinema - Reading Room - Living
Second Floor
Premium Rooms 04
Chaltén Rooms 08
Play Room
Underground Level
Relax Room with Hydro-massage
Getting to Los Cerros:
The nearest airport is at El Calafate. The drive from the airport to El Chalten is 280 km over part "ripio" (gravel) all-weather roads and an ever increasing amount of paved roads, taking around three and a half to four hours.

Recommended stay:
Because the weather can be changeable and it takes the better part of a day to get to El Chalten or out of El Chalten, a 3-night stay is recommended. This will allow two full days to partake the of the exquisite scenery and the activities offered by Los Cerros.

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What is the weather like?
The weather is unstable, with a substantial temperature difference between day and night.

What type of clothes do I have to take?
Informal and comfortable clothes.
Accessories: Gloves, Scarf, Waterproof and warm jacket, Rubber sole shoes (for trekking or sneakers), Sunglasses, Sun-block lotion (facial and lips), Shirts and Light Clothing in summer

Is the Hotel open all year round?
No. The Hotel is open to the public from September to May.

Is connection to Internet available?
Yes. Internet connection is available at the hotel´s public areas, not at the bedrooms.

Do the All Inclusive Programs include every meal?
Yes. All meals are included in the "All Inclusive" programs. Our Restaurant timetable is the following.
How long does the sunlight last?
In summer, the sunlight is present from 5 in the morning to 10 in the evening. During the winter, the sun rises at 8 in the morning and sets at 6 in the evening.

How long is the trip from El Calafate Airport to The Hotel?
The trip from El Calafate Airport to the Hotel takes aproximately 4,5 hours.

Is there Spa service at the Hotel?
Yes, the Hotel offers a Spa services.

Are there telephone and TV at the bedroomss?
No, there are no telephone or TV service in the bedrooms. You can make use of the telephone at the Reception Desk and there is a TV with DVD for all guests at the Hotel living room. There is no signal for mobile telephones in the area.