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North Pantanal, Brasil

Araras Eco Lodge

About the Pantanal
Sample 4-day/3-night program & Seasonal Chart

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Welcome to Araras Eco Lodge:

The PANTANAL, the largest continuous wetland on the planet, declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is South America's primary wildlife sanctuary. With a total area of approximately 150,000 km² and located in the center of the continent, the Pantanal is a biogeographic mixing bowl containing elements of the Amazon Forest, the Caatinga, the Brazilian Savannah, the Atlantic Rainforest and the Paraguayan Chaco. This fantastic biodiversity includes: 698 birds species, 80 mammals, 260 fish species and 50 reptiles.

Located amidst all this is the ARARAS ECO LODGE (16º 30' 42.3" S; 56º 42' 39.4" W). Built in harmony with the environment, without renouncing comfort, the lodge is reachable all year-round by car via the Transpantaneira Park Road, 132 km (82 mi) south of Cuiabá (the capital of the State of Mato Grosso) On a 2h30 exciting safári-transfer, in air-conditioned vehicle. From this lodge, with its enviably preserved surroundings, it is possible to do first-class bird-watching, trekking in pristine forest, canoeing, horseback riding, truck photo-safaris, night tours, two exciting tree top look outs with 12 and 25 m high and much more, all under the assistance of expert bilingual naturalist guides.


ARARAS ECO LODGE offers a homey atmosphere, where visitors from diverse generations and cultures, find the creative space to fulfill their personal experiences.

The lodge, built in regional rustic style, offers 19 comfortable rooms with air conditioning with screened windows, ceiling fans, private bathrooms (cold and hot shower); a swimming pool with an adjoining covered area for meals, large verandas with hammocks, gift shop, bar, and restaurant.

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Sample 4-day/3-night program & Seasonal Chart

The ARARAS PANTANAL ECO LODGE offers a variety of ecological activities, rich in adventure and excitement:

  • Trekking - trails with a close contact with the exuberant and varied flora and wildlife
  • Horseback riding - This is an excellent way to discover the open-grass land and forest, regardless of flooded or dry season.
  • Jeep photo-safari - for long distances, day and night wildlife spotting
  • Canoeing - Paddling or “piranha” fishing along the rivers are certainly exciting yet relaxing ways to enjoy this untamed nature
  • Each evening, After dinner, meeting to discuss the day activities, the culture, the nature, and particularities of the region.

There are three fantastic Observation Towers close to the lodge which offer from the top of these towers a superb view:

  • Mirante da Garça/Heron’s Lookout, 12 m / 39.5 ft. high and 200 m / 656 ft
  • Torre dos Macacos / Monkeys’ Tower – 25 m / 82 ft. high and 800 m / 0.497 mi
  • Torre dos Tuiuiús / Jabiru Storks’ Tower – 13.5 m / 44 ft. high and 2.5 km / 1.55 mi.

GETTING THERE via the airport gateway of Cuiaba - 132km / 82 mi. from Cuiabá. The road is divided in 2 stages: Cuiabá / Poconé on BR070 (paved) for 100km / 62 mi and the 2nd on the elevated Transpantaneira Park Road for 32km / 20 mi. (scenic and dirt).

NOTE: Transfers are on a share basis. Cuiaba airport to Lodge Lodge to Cuiaba aiport
Private transfers are available on request at surcharge. Daily: 1230 and 1700 Daily: 0830 and 1230