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Easter Island

Mike Rapu

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Easter Island
The Basics

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ABOUT EXPLORA MIKE RAPU - in their own words:

Located on mythical Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, explora en Rapa Nui –Posada de Mike Rapu– is now open.

The hotel is located on a hill in the Te Miro Oone sector, on 9.6 hectares of land that faces the sea. The hotel is situated in the southwestern zone of the island, 5.6 km from Hanga Roa – the only town on the island – and it acts as a base for exploring this attractive and mysterious island, home to a culture whose origins and evolution remain unexplained.

Volcanic rock, native to the island and always used by the island’s inhabitants in construction, and wood from the mainland are the principal materials. The hotel has 30 guestrooms that spread out from central areas. There are 4 Raa Suites measuring 468 square feet, and 26 Vara Rooms measuring 341 square feet, all with a sitting area and hidromassage bath and ocean view.

The central areas house reception, living areas, a bar, kitchen and services. Next to the common areas is the Casa de Baos Hare Vai, with a pool, massage salon and open-air Jacuzzis.


  • Outside and inside Dining room with the explora quality cuisine
  • Inside-Outside Bar
  • Store with explora clothing, books and local crafts
  • Library
  • Ceremonial Patio
  • Meeting room with capacity for 30 people
  • In-room phones with national and international direct dialing service
  • Satellite dish providing permanent communication within Chile and the rest of the World
  • Room service
  • Laundry service
  • Internet connection available
  • Casa de Banos Hare Vai with outside pool, massage rooms, open air Jacuzzi

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Duration: 3, 4, 5, 7 nights, depending on the time of year.

Trip Season: Year-round.

Requirements: Desire to walk and eat excellent seafood.

Program: Easy to difficult walks that slowly reveal the secrets and beauty of the island. The walks are combined with picnics and explora-style meals on the rocks or the shore of the sea, or in sites with a great deal of magnetism. Daily explorations in groups of 8 people maximum, with bilingual guides and equipment.
                         Click here for detailed list of excursions

Equipment: Bathing suit, shoes for walking, boots for trekking, light windbreaker.

Location: Easter Island is located at 2709 south latitude and 10926 west longitude, 3,800 km from the central coast of Chile. The closest inhabited island is Pitcairn, 1,900 km northwest, and Easter Island’s surface is less than 170 km squared. It is a perfect triangle whose maximum length is 24 km and its maximum width only 12 km.

How to get there: Fly to Santiago via an international flight. From Santiago, travelers must take a 5-hour flight to Easter Island. explora staff will greet and transfer guests to Casas Rapa Nui.

Climate: Located immediately south of the Tropic of Capricorn, Easter Island possesses a characteristic marine subtropical climate that is profoundly influenced by wind and maritime currents. The average temperature is 21C (79F), with highs of 28C (82F) during the summer and 14C (57F) to 22C (72F) during the winter. May is the wettest month, although it can rain any time of the year.



  Maximum (monthly average) F Minimum (monthly average) F Precipitation expressed in millimeters
(monthly average)
January 80.6 67.6 72,8
February 81.1 68.4 84,8
March 80.4 67.8 95,6
April 77.7 66.0 120,7
May 74.1 63.9 152,9
June 71.6 61.7 106,3
July 70.3 60.3 105,1
August 70.2 59.7 93,8
September 71.0 59.9 86,8  
October 72.5 60.8 68,0
November 75.0 63.1 74,0
December 75.2 63.7 86,4