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Rincon del Socorro

Esteros del Ibera

Esteros del Ibera

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Estancia Rincón del Socorro is a 12,000-hectare former cattle ranch on the edge of the Iberá wetlands in Northeastern Argentina that has been made into a nature reserve. Our orientation is to give guests and visitors a good understanding of the local ecosystem and an appreciation for the importance of wetlands and savanna landscapes.

Hostería Rincón del Socorro is a small, refined eco-tourist hotel in the ranch’s recycled main house. There are six rooms in the main house and three small bungalows within 50 meters of it, all with private bathrooms and one with a sitting room and a small kitchenette. The main house has a large indoor living room, a screened veranda living room, a large indoor dining room, a terrace dining area, and a children’s game room. On the grounds are a swimming pool, a screened barbecue house, and a barn with tack room.

Meals are predominantly prepared with organic fruit and vegetables, most from our kitchen garden. Meat is all free-range. The hostería is equipped with a professional kitchen and offers a full bar service. We specialize in fine organic cuisine and honor the Argentine barbecue tradition in our well known barbeque dining area with a wide variety of free range meat, grilled vegetables, good Argentine wines, homemade breads and special deserts. When the weather is good, lunch and dinner can be served outdoors. Special diets can be accommodated with prior notice.

Services include:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Library
  • Comfortable reading areas
  • DVD/video library
  • Card-game areas
  • Children's game room
  • Mountain bikes
  • Laundry

Our guest rooms are a reflection of our personal philosophy of diversity in all things! Each room has been designed and decorated uniquely according to its shape and location. There are no two rooms alike. Guests are treated to such things are ancient maps, old stuffed alligators, rare wildlife prints.

We believe that good health is directly related to the things we eat. We also believe that healthy food does not have to be dull! At Hosteria Socorro, the preparation and presentation of food is of the utmost important to us and we go to great lengths to provide healthful, top quality meals. Our vegetables and fruits come largely from our organic garden, picked just before they are prepared. Guests in August enjoy freshly made passion fruit ice cream, a specialty of the house. All of our breads and pastries are home made. Our standard is to provide the same high quality food and eating experience one would find in the finest restaurants in Buenos Aires.


Rincón del Socorro is an excellent place for birding; if you are not already a birdwatcher, it is very easy to become one here! In the four different habitats of this large former ranch, you can see an amazing number of different types of birds in a short time, including endangered species from the surrounding region that have found shelter here. You will learn about their behavior, habitats, migrations, and the problems caused by the degradation of their environment.

Much to the surprise of several ornithologists, the nearly extinct yellow cardinal can be seen hopping around in the lettuces in our organic garden! The estimated number of species identified in the Esteros del Ibera ecological system is nearly 400, and though we are still in the process of doing an inventory of the birdlife found in Socorro, we do know that a good percentage of those counted can be found on the estancia.

Socorro is ideal horseback riding country and guests are encouraged to give it a try even if they're not seasoned riders. From the saddle you can see lots of wildlife; riding is the quickest, easiest and most pleasant way to get to know this ecosystem. The horses are well behaved and friendly and the guides keep a watchful eye out for all of our guests. This is a good opportunity to learn a few words in guarani as our guides are still speaking among themselves in this ancient and harmonic language.

The boat trip begins at the far end of the ranch 35 kilometers northeast of the hostería; it takes about 30 minutes to get there by car. Most guests prefer to make these trips in the early morning or early evening, when more birdlife and wildlife are about. We use two classic Iberá canoes and a flat-bottom aluminum boat with a small 20HP/4-stroke outboard engine. We also recommend a trip by canoe, as there is no replacing the sensation of being among wildlife with no industrial sounds to interfere with the myriad of sights and sounds one finds out in Laguna Ibera.

Nestled among native trees at the edge of the laguna, the bungalow barbeque area serves as the dock for all of our boat trips and the perfect spot to have a full asado lunch or light picnic before or after a boat trip.

Guided or self-guided nature walks around the estancia are easy and you don't have to go far to see a lot of wildlife. Day hikes on easy to follow dirt roads and trails will take visitors by many different creatures and, if ones gets lucky, maybe see the illusive Maned Wolf! Go in the early evenings and you'll be surrounded by resident birds coming in to sleep for the night. Go on a night excursion and see hundreds of masked vizcachas come alive once the sun goes down.

Just 35 kms up the road, cattle roundups are underway at our sister ranch, Estancia Ibera and guests are welcome to visit the estancia and see a real Argentine cattle operation at work. There is no forgetting the style of the Correntino gaucho on horseback, working the herd barefooted with spurs on and their distinctive hat specially designed for the intense Currents sun. The political bent of every gaucho is made apparent by the color of their scarves and, here in Corrientes, this is the mark of the man.

Arrangements can be made to make the ten-minute flight from Socorro to the sister Estancia San Alonso, located in the middle of the Esteros del Ibera. There a boat and guide can take fishermen to the likeliest spots for good dorado fishing.  The Corrientes River is only an hour and a half away from Socorro and is a great option for fishing and we recommend that you stay at Estancia Batel for the night. A hosteria at a working cattle ranch very near the Corrientes River.