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Land Iguana, Galapagos
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Featuring the best accommodations,
private services and exclusive guide whenever possible
and just the right mix of adventure and pampering.

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Ecuador Explorer - 10 days

Quito and nearby Equatorial Monument
4 night Galapagos Cruise
Otavalo Indian Market

Ultimate Ecuador - 22 days
Otavalo & Indian Market
Spirit of the Andes & Cuenca
Rainforest by Napo Wildlife Center
Galapagos by Eclipse

Culinary Ecuador - 18 days
Highlighting Culinary Experiences
in Quito and at Hosteria La Mirage
along with
Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve and Lodge
Enchanted Isles of Galapagos by La Pinta

Islands, Incas & Amazon - 25 days
Highlighting the Natural History of
The Enchanted Isles of Galapagos
and the Mighty Amazon

Cuzco, magical Machu Picchu
and the Sacred Valley of the Incas