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Pablo Seminario
Ceramics Workshop


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Seminario Ceramic Studio has been dedicated to the discovery of techniquies and designs from ancient Peruvian cultures. Pablo Seminario presents a new art expression, providing continuity to these cultural inheritances.

Pablo and Marilú Seminario live in the town of Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where they are dedicated to sculpting the red clay found in the valley. Their house-cum-workshop on Berriozaval Street has become a center of learning for the workers who make up the workshop, mostly locals who are part of the intensely creative dynamics directed by the couple. Pablo Seminario and a group of local artisans create colorful and lively designs every day. In the main atelier, Pablo Seminario makes the drafts of winged men and magic creatures with crowned heads and round eyes, which resemble traditional pre Inca pieces. Inside the working rooms, a group of artisans trained by the family draw and paint cups, vases, and lamps with great accuracy and skill by using long brushes submerged in colored paints.

In addition, the home of the Seminarios is more than just a pottery factory. Today, it is also a carpentry and a jeweler's workshop, a place for research and creativity.