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near Santa Marta, Colombia

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ABOUT PLAYA KORALIA - in their own words:

Ecotourism is responsible travel that promotes the conservation of nature and sustains the well being of local people.

Privacy is found as the ocean breaks on the beach and you are the only one to witness its fall. Playa Koralia gives you that experience and more, one hour away from Santa Marta (Colombia). Time stops as nature defines each space; sand, paradise, sea, fresh water, palms, light & shade. The elements come together where the rivers flowing from the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada flow into the blue Caribbean.

With its fusion of traditional palm and soft stone, and ethnic art from Latin America, the décor of Playa Koralia harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Walls arise and slip into the surrounding landscape, leading one outside and encouraging exploration of the immense surroundings.

Come stay with us. Come immerse yourself in nature.

Located less than 2 hours from Colombia's Barranquilla International Airport and only 50 minutes from Santa Marta's National airport we provide transportation both to and from Playa Koralia

A real adventure for the palate, Koralia offers innovative dishes that make use of the extensive assortment of local exotic fruits and vegetables, and inspired by Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

Koralia also offers appetizing vegetarian dishes. For the seafood lovers we offer the catch of the day which ranges from shellfish to a variety of local fishes. Demurrages include a breakfast, lunch and light dinner

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These cabins, camouflaged by their organic architecture within a forest of palms and tropical gardens, are located in one of the definitively magic places of the planet. Their privileged location is surrounded by an immensity of virgin beaches, in the shadow of a tropical wild mountain, where rivers fall in cascades to the beach, offers us a unique panoramic of the Sierra de Santa Martas's snowy peaks A paradise for sunbathing, swimming, in the fantastic seas and rivers, and dreamy relaxation in a hammock rocked by the ocean breeze.

The decorations of these interior atmospheres, are designed by artists and inspired by different cultures: pre-Columbian indigenous simbology, Mexican popular art, hindi-rajastan and Mediterranean. The rooms andspaces are comfortably disposedfor different numbers of people: honeymooners, groups and singles. Independent bathrooms in each cabin offer colorful mosaics and showers under the stars. All of them offer a glorious ocean view.


SPA: Our spa offers massages, hydrotherapy, mud treatments and flower baths.

OUTINGS: Among the exciting adventures Koralia offers are guided walks, where visitors will encounter exotic flora and fauna. Famous among bird watchers, the region offers one of the world' largest variety of birds (like white eagles, the Onychorhynchus and the Bay-Headed-Tanager), plus wildlife such as howling monkeys, iguanas and many more animals.

Outings up the Sierra Nevada foothills just behind the resort, It’s an easy- going, thirty minute hike from the beach along a riverside. Higher up, the river pools and forms natural Jacuzzis and plunge pools of gin-clear water. Lounging in this natural ‘spas’ in the humid tropical forest, with the snowy mountain peaks above, it’s hard not to feel a real sense of well-being and harmony with nature.

For the more adventurous:
We also offer trekking and hiking to Colombia's exceptional Tayrona National Park. Covered in large part by virgin tropical forests and bordered on side with crystalline waters giant rocks and soft sand beaches, The park is inhabited by over 100 bird species, monkeys, iguanas, monkeys, and more.

arhuacos Visits in the Sierra Nevada: Trekking to the forest of fog ( Approx. 2,000 meters 7,000 feet high) offers the visitor lasting views of waterfalls and fertile valleys. it may be possible to pay a visit to the Mamos (shamans) and experience their approach to the magical world and ancestral sciences (medicine, astronomy).

Or a day-trip to the exotic Guajira desert (part of which forms the Macuira National Park), where visits and coexistence with indigenous groups can be arranged, such as to the Wayúu in the who will teach the visitor their interpretation of fabrics, dances and particular, customs. As well as offer for sale their exquisite handcrafted hammocks, bags and cloths.
Then it’s back to Koralia at sunset for live music, and drinks and a bonfire on the beach.