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Hotel Rio Serrano

Paine Towers National Park


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About Hotel Rio Serrano - in their own words:

The hotel gets its name from the serpentine Rio Serrano which rises from the waters of Lago Toro and flows into Seno Ultima Esperanza. Its extraordinary location facing the peaks of the Torres del Paine and its great natural environment, offers its guests the perfect combination of design, quality and comfort, respecting the balance with its surroundings.


  • 36 Superior rooms (35 m2) with a view of Macizo del Paine. Queen and King beds
  • 10 Standard rooms (20 m2) with a view of Macizo del Paine. Twn and Queen beds
  • 10 Standard rooms (20 m2) without a view. Twin and Queen beds.

All rooms have central heating, private bathroom, living room, telephone and hair dryer.  Minibar is available in Superior rooms.


  • Dining room
  • Meeting room
  • Elevator
  • Internet
  • Satellite TV
  • Souvenirs shop
  • Cozy lounges and terrace
  • Laundry service
  • Bar

For our guest entertainment the hotel has available five golf greens and fishing gear, activities that can be enjoyed facing Paine Mountains.