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Hotel Las Torres

Paine Towers National Park


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About Hotel Las Torres - in their own words:
Each of the hotel’s many windows looks out over the expansive steppe or snow-capped mountains surrounding it, including the trio of towers that gave the park its name. The hotel features 82 rooms and two suites, two lounge rooms, restaurant and a bar-lounge.

The interpretive center located by the hotel’s reception desk lays out information about the rock formations and wildlife you may encounter on your excursions. In addition, the spa next door offers you the chance to unwind and rejuvenate after you return from your adventures.

In 1905, 15 years old Antonio Kusanovic Jercic leaves his homeland in Croatia and begins his journey to an unknown land called, Patagonia. In 1926 was born his first son, Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, who, followed the steps of his father and inheriting a strong entrepreneurial spirit, becoming one of the most successful farmers in the region. At the end of the 70s Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, buys Cerro Paine Ranch, located in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park, not even considering that this park will become one of the most visited and famous ones in Chile and worldwide.

Cerro Paine Ranch has 4000 hectares of extension and it is the only private property within the National Park, there it is located Hotel Las Torres Patagonia, on an strategic zone well known by the visitors since from here begins the trail to the base of the Torres, on the foot of the majestic Nieto mountain creating a natural landscape that is a real postcard.

In the early nineties, many tourists started arriving in Torres del Paine, and motivated by the incredible beauty of the landscape, Antonio with his wife Amor Eliana Marusic, decided to build 9 rooms with a small restaurant. They called this project “Hosteria Las Torres” (nowadays Hotel LasT orres Patagonia).

After the death of Antonio in 1997, assumes the leadership of the business his wife and four children: Liliana, Mauricio, Jose Antonio and Vesna, who altogether during the last decade, have developed this family project in one of the most important touristic enterprises in the region.

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The rooms of the hotel provide a cozy atmosphere, being the perfect setting to relax and enjoy after a long days excursion. Central heating, box spring beds, telephones and private bathrooms in a rustic yet elegant decoration provide the ideal ambience in our superior rooms for resting and preparing the next days activities.

Several services are available in the relaxing environment of your room, with a simple call you have the possibility of enjoying massages, food, wine and drinks.

Las Torres offers single, double twin, matrimonial and triple rooms in superior category and two suites.

The flavor of the end of the world fills our restaurant. Enjoy our exquisite Patagonia cuisine on the international level and find out dishes that will carry you away.

Hotel Las Torres produces the majority of the food served at the Las Torres restaurant. We count with Greenhouses that see the growth of the tomatoes and squash. The field offers a variety of delicacies such as strawberries, raspberries and cherries.

In the land close to the Hotel Las Torres are raised cattle, sheep and pigs for consumption, just minutes from your table top. For both the farm and the greenhouses meet organic food production meets all standards.

Pisco Sour and Chilean wines taste differently at the foothills of a beautiful mountain. We invite you to enjoy the fascinating view of Almirante Nieto Mount while tasting the best cocktails and food the region has to offer.

  • Drinks and Cocktails and Liqueurs
  • Regional and National Beers
  • Sandwiches, Snacks & Salads
  • Coffee and Cakes

We invite all our guests to enjoy delicious homemade Regional Drinks such as Calafate Sour,with the fruit of the famous bush Calafate, our Pisco Sour Pioneer, with natural mint from our organic garden or last in this collection , Flamenco Magellan, which allows you enjoying the delicious taste of Rhubarb, typical plant that inhabits the region of Magallanes.

A collection of elements from the Chilean nature come together to deliver treatments designed to revitalize. The Spa Hotel Las Torres counts with hydro-massages, fango therapy, sauna, reflexology y massages that will revitalize the body, promote circulaction, hydrate the skin and relax the muscles.

Revitalization for the Mountaineer
Start with 30 minutes of sauna with aromas of Chilean herbs together with natural juices to keep you rehydrated. Then, enjoy a relaxing massage of 90 minutes using oils with properties recommended for muscular aches. The treatment will conclude with 30 minutes of a bubbly and relaxing Jacuzzi with salts or natural herbs of Patagonia that will revitalize your skin.

Paine Energies for the Body
Enjoy 45 minutes of a revitalizing full body treatment with Patagonian scrubbing mud combined with sauna and fruit refreshments. Continue with 60 minutes of a full body massage, and end with 40 minutes of a bubbly and aromatic Jacuzzi that will leave your skin soft and revitalized.

Honneymoon Suite
Enjoy with your couple 30 minutes of sauna with intervals of natural refreshments. Then receive a couple ´s massage for one hour with natural oils, and end with another 45 minutes of an aromatic and bubbly Jacuzzi.

Enjoy 30 minutes of sauna followed by 45 minutes of massage with natural oils. To end, you will receive a 30 minute Jacuzzi with mineral salts taken from nearby lakes, which will revitalize your body and make you feel brand new.

Right outside the reception you will see our gift shop where you will be able to find handcrafts of regional artists, such as ethnic masks elaborated with Lenga wood, silver and lapizlázuli jewelry, woolens, and many other Chilean products.

You will also find outdoor equipment, clothes, and other products of interest such as maps and interesting books on regional flora and fauna.

If you are hiking and would like to by some groceries to take with you please visit our Kiosk where you will be able to purchase everything from snacks to drinks to pharmacy products.

Hotel Las Torres has a comfortable conference center with capacity for 150 people, ideal for product presentations, seminars or talks with the best environment that can deliver the Chilean Patagonia.

Every day we present excursions planned for the next day.

At the same time, we also have an interactive museum with educational and entertaining information about the history and geography of the park. We invite all our guests to read, enjoy and learn about the wonderful place where is located our Hotel Las Torres.

Since the family Kusanovic has owned the farm Cerro Paine, most of the vegetables are cultivated here. A passion for sustainable tourism and the real want to maintain a tradition, have caused that today’s organic garden Las Torres provides approximately 30% of all plants and vegetables eaten in the Hotel.

Two people work exclusively in the garden, producing lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, cilantro and strawberries. There are also fruit trees such as pear, apple, etc.

All used fertilizers are organic and are part of proposed long-term sustainability project which we have implemented.

Las Torres has stables located just 100 meters from the hotel, where our Baqueanos work daily. The tour service (on horseback) is one of the main attractions of the Hotel Las Torres. We have 150 docile horses dedicated to enjoying the National Park in the different form.