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Alto Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


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About Alto Atacama - in their own words:
Recently highlighted by National Geographic Traveler editors as Chile’s most authentic and unique hotel in their 2011 ‘Stay List’, Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa has taken the Atacama experience to a new level.

Tucked away in a valley of serene beauty, Alto Atacama is blessed with a most spectacular location, flanked by mountain ranges, iconic archaeological sites, and the San Pedro river trickling its way alongside, blending seamlessly into its surroundings very much like the typical dwellings of the area.

The interior decoration is also faithful to the local aesthetic; rustic yet elegant, with local crafts adding warmth and character.

All 42 rooms have a private terrace; the perfect spot to absorb the color and silence of the valley.

In our restaurant, our Chef creates an original range of culinary delights, all of which are washed down with delicious Chilean wines.

Guests can choose from over thirty cultural and adventure activities, with everything from a visit to the workshop of a local artisan or a meeting with a shaman, to bike rides and volcano treks. We also offer myriad options of drives into the most stunning landscape, unique locations for outdoor luncheons, and unforgettable sunsets. At our observatory the intimate, small-group experience has been designed to be more sensory than technical, focusing on the magnitude of the magnificent night sky of Chile’s north.

For a more relaxing time, our ‘Puri’ spa has six outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor whirlpool baths, and a wide range of spa treatments.

Alto Atacama is located in the fertile Catarpe valley, just 3 kilometers away from the San Pedro plaza. Our total area is 3.5 hectares, with a park area of 2 hectares.

The living room has a great fireplace to provide warmth while paging through the books of our library. The outdoor lounge areas have small fire pits that are lighted every night for our guests to enjoy the crisp air and the colors of the sunset and nightfall.

The Main Grounds are a projection of the attention to detail that prevails in Alto Atacama, where you can enjoy a nice walk at sunset or sunrise among our gardens filled with native plants and locally crafted art.

Despite the fact that we are in the driest of all deserts, water from glacial snow is what makes San Pedro de Atacama an Oasis, and it makes our Spa a strongly revitalizing experience. Water, expert hands and aromatic scents are the tools for invigorating your body and spirit after a day of exploring the desert.

We invite you to relax, enjoy, and to recharge your body and mind in a peace- filled spa where the natural elements of the land work their own magic.

Spa options include Finnish Sauna, Turkish bath, Scottish showers, indoor & outdoor hot tubs, among others.

Alto Atacama’s pools blend the luxury of water in the desert and the tranquility of being removed from the rest of the world.

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The six outdoor pools overlook the beautiful Catarpe Valley and its red mountains. Stones from the surrounding desert form a wall of privacy for each of the pools. The sense of being deeply renewed by the cleansing water as you gaze out into the desert is a unique experience.

We treat water with respect and responsibility due to its rarity in this environment. All our water is purified and maintaining it as such is our priority. We also maximize its use to reduce our impact on the environment.

An outdoor bar and dining room in our pool area gives our guest the choice of enjoying a leisurely lunch by the water, or simply a chilled glass of Chilean white wine as the sun warms your body.

The food in Alto Atacama is healthy, delicious, and fuels body and soul before and after a day of exploring the desert. We have a main indoor dining room and two outdoor dining rooms (one adjacent to the pools).

We have created a variety of intimate indoor and outdoor settings, providing the opportunity to be in the company of interesting people from around the world while tasting Rodrigo’s fine dishes and recipes and sipping from our selection of great Chilean wines.

Our goal at Alto Atacama is to provide a culinary journey, with a staff attentive to every detail, producing a memorable dining experience.

ACCOMMODATIONS - click here for more details
All of the 42 rooms in Alto Atacama have a private terrace were to enjoy the colors of the valley, take a nap, read a book or simply relax at the sight of our gardens. The definition of peacefulness aquires a new meaning after a couple of nights here, Catarpe embraces Alto Atacama with silence, let silence embrace you.

EXCURSIONS - click hre fore more details
Excursions, half and full day, include traditional trips by van, biking and trekking. The northern skies of Chile are famo9us for being some of the clearest in the world and Alto Atacama has a rooftop observation point for viewing these spectacular skies.