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Near El Chalten, Argentina

Open: October 14 - April 15

Map - How to get there

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ABOUT AGUAS ARRIBA LODGE - in their own words:

AGUAS ARRIBA LODGE, a secluded realm in the untainted Patagonia wilderness.

The lodge is located at the Estancia Río de las Vueltas, 37 km away from El Chaltén; with 900 meters of shore along Lago del Desierto, and 700 acres of mountain ranged forests’.

Its construction was a true odyssey due to its remote location. Hand built out of natural wood and noble stones, its ample windowsills portray the beauty of its natural surroundings: an emerald green lake, hanging glaciers, forests’, and spectacular views of The Fitz Roy. Its eco-friendly construction assures to preserve nature in its pristine state.

A unique experience; indulge the senses with nature, fine gourmet, and adventure!

Pato Garcia and Ivor Matovic share their home and heart with every guest.

Nothing better than coming back to a warm fire place after a marvelous day of Patagonia-adventure! Say goodbye to coats, shoes, mud; welcome some warm socks and find your special corner to relax and feel at home.

  • Main Living room with a stone-built fireplace, viewing towards the Lake, Vespignani Glacier, Mt Fitz Roy and the forest.
  • Reception & Bar. A complementary tray with hot tea and coffee & a fine selection of alcoholic beverages specified on our menu with their detailed price
  • Upper floor living room, with views towards the lake and the forest. Cable Internet connection and Plasma TV to watch DVD’s or share photographs
  • Dining room viewing the Lake
  • Reading room, viewing the Lake
  • An ample deck overseeing the Lake
  • 24 hr power source fed upon renewable energy
  • Cable Internet access & Satellite telephone service (at reception bar & upper living room)
  • Other complementary services include books, table games, music and videos

Our lodge offers six bedrooms in Suite. All bathrooms are comfortable and spacious, some have front-lake views, and all are supplied with organic amenities. We encourage our visitors to avoid the use of chemical products to help us reduce our impact on this rich environment. Heat radiators may be adjusted, guaranteeing a warm and cozy environment. In this remote location, our 24 hr power source is fed upon renewable energy.

Room categories: 

  • Fitz Roy: Two corner Premium Suites southwest oriented, with spectacular views of Mt. Fitz Roy towards the north, and the Vespignani glacier & Lago del Desierto towards the west.  (20 to 27m2). One room is located on the upper floor, the other one on the main floor, next to the living room
  • Glacier: Three front-lake view Premium suites located on the first floor of the lodge, west oriented, with stunning views of the Lago del Desierto and Vespignani Glacier. (From 17 to 24 m2).
  • Forest: North oriented with views to the Nothofagus forest. Two separate rooms that are join together by an interior door, and share a bathroom. One of the rooms can be arranged either as a cozy living room or as an extra bedroom (single/double), ideal for families

All bedrooms could be double or twin. One of the Fitz Roy Suites and two of the Glacier Suites may be set as triple rooms. The lodges’ full capacity is 17 beds.


  • Heat system and hot water works 24-7
  • 24 hr electricity, with power restrictions during the night
  • No cell phone signal
  • Cable Internet available
  • There is no satellite TV. There is only one plasma TV and DVD player in the upper living room
  • Hair dryer available

PROGRAMED ACTIVITIES - click here for complete details
We invite you to discover this unrevealed Patagonia scenery! Trekking around forests, river creeks, wetlands, glaciers; fly-fishing trips, and a warm nest to recompose their self.

Once you reach the lodge, our Host will advise you on which activity would be best. Together host and guests will plan the schedule. Remember these programs will vary depending on the weather conditions. Andean areas may have four seasons in one day! One might leave the lodge with sun, and come back with rain! We strongly recommend coming prepared with adequate clothing. Every night our host will inform the previewed plan for the next day. 

HOW TO GET TO THE LODGE - click here for map and complete details
Accessing the lodge is either by boat or by foot. It is a 15’ boat ride from the south point of the lake along its eastern margin, or a 2-3 hr hike. The trail guides you into the heart of the forest, home to centenarian trees of the Nothofagus family (Lenga, Ñire and Coihue trees). The south point of Lago del Desierto is a 37 km drive (approximately 1.5hr) from El Chalten.

IMPORTANT: We recommend not programming a flight for your check-out date. Remember weather here may be a great conditioner and cause delays in our transportation. If you have no other option and must plan your flight for the same day, check-out during the morning and program your flight for the evening.

Weather in the Andean mountains is constantly changing. Its strong prevailing winds at times bring four seasons in one day: sun, rain, sometimes even snow! During summer (December to March) temperatures vary between 5-25 degrees centegrade. In spring & fall (October, November, April) temperatures decrease to 0-15 degrees centegrade. We recommend dressing in layers and advise to pack both warm and cool clothes.