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   Go South, America

10 Reasons Why

1) Vacation options for everyone
        Varied geography, diverse activities, culture, adventure, wildlife

2) Uncommon travel experiences
        Fascinating places of discovery yet unspoiled

3) Great Value for the Dollar
        Pure and simple

4) Relative Safety
        Political and social stability – democratic countries

5) No jet lag
        Travel is North-South and not East-West

6) Easy Going and Coming
        Extensive non-stop flight from main US gateways and
        many short flying times

7) Plenty of Comfort
        In remote corners and cosmopolitan cities

8) Reversed seasons
        Laze on the beach in the winter and snow ski in the summer

9) English widely spoken
        Great shopping, easy to wine and dine

10) Bienvenidos! Boa Vinda!
        In Spanish and Portuguese: Welcome! And you are.