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Cala Mia
Boutique Resort

Isla Boca Brava, Panama


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ABOUT CALA MIA BOUTIQUE RESORT -  in their own words:
While Panama's Pacific and Caribbean coasts are starting to crowd up with behemoth resorts, happily there is still sanctuary to be found in the Gulf of Chiriquí, a seductive sliver of Central America. Look no further than Isla Boca Brava, a sparsely populated fragment of land that has seemingly snapped off the Pacific coast. It is one of the largest of the islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí.

Cala Mia Resort, fully renovated in 2014 is a romantic and intimate private retreat located on the top of the pristine Boca Brava Island, within the National Marina Park of the Chiriqui Gulf. Cala Mia’s 11 bungalows are perched on the tip of a rocky promontory on the island's east coast. Set in landscaped gardens filled with towering palms and tangles of tropical blooms they overlook two idyllic bays flanked by mangroves and dense forest. A permanent natural soundtrack of crashing waves, crickets, geckos and howler monkeys quickly set in. Other local critters and sea life include iguanas, ocelots, raccoons, jaguars, coyotes, ant eaters, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and numerous tropical fish.

At this secluded Panamanian hideaway you can start your day with yoga by the beach, before taking a boat to a spit of sand to snorkel over dazzling reefs. Other days can be spent kayaking through mangroves, riding along deserted beaches on horses and hiking in the rainforest with an indigenous Ngöbe-Buglé guide.  You can spend you time lounging by the infinity pool watching the Cobalt-blue Ocean or just relaxing at Bar Luna Azul watching the pacific tide rise and fall.  A trip to the rustic Spa Cielo that is perched on top of a rocky outcrop reached by a rope bridge; provides complete spa services.

Cala Mia is located on the lightly populated island of Boca Brava, in the Chiriqui Archipelago, part of the National Marine Park in the Gulf of Chiriqui.  It has more than 100 islands (Islas Secas) within its borders with countless secluded beaches!

The park is a haven for abundant wildlife: In the jungle covering the islands:  howler monkeys, ocelots, jaguar, undi, raccoons, anteaters, coyotes. The park is just one of Panama’s 15 nature refuges and is home to many of Panama’s 900 species of birds, 1200 orchid varieties and 100 butterfly varieties.

In the bays and the sea:  dolphins and leatherback and hawksbill turtles, whales and a variety of other tropical fish

In the deep blue sky:  birds, birds, birds! Hundreds of species, a crossroads between two continents!

BUNGALOW SUITES - click here for complete details
The Bungalow Suites at Cala Mia are all designed as a small and elegant home. Each of the 11 Bungalow Suites has its own "rancho" seating area, with a beautiful thatched roof, handcrafted columns, large sofa and hammocks, and a nicely decorated bathroom with a large hot water shower.

Our Point Sur restaurant offers a fusion of International and Panamanian delights, which are prepared by Executive Chef Ricardo Tejeira.

The seafood is most popular and is sourced by local fishermen who harvest lobster, jumbo shrimp, sea bass, and yellow-fin tuna.   We often catch lobster along the shoreline outside the restaurant, now that's fresh!

The Chiriquí Province of Panama is famous for its coffee plantations, which source Cala Mia with a range of choice beans. So our coffee is freshly ground from the finest beans, to get you off to a great start each morning.

Tables are candlelit with pretty arrangements of fresh flowers.  It's the perfect setting our exotic seafood selections and meat selections such as beef loin in onion gravy, or crusted almond pork filet in mango sauce, or a pick such as the chicken escalopes with Salsa Verde.  We have also developed an extensive vegetarian / vegan menu.  And don't forget dessert with Chef Specialties like Passion fruit cheesecake, or the homemade ice cream.

In addition to the Point Sur restaurant,  the Luna Azul Beach Bar includes its own selection of lighter selections including Cala Mia Ceviche, Panini sandwiches or fresh pizza, BBQ shrimp and burgers from its large grill and Clay Oven.

If you're taking advantage of the numerous getaways exploring the outter islands our staff can make you a picnic dinner with your selections of food and drinks.

ACTIVITIES - click here for complete details
Cala Mia and its surroundings will surprise even the most seasoned traveler.