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Lake Atitlan

Casa Palopo Hotel Atitlan

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Located about 80 miles west of the capital, Lake Atitlan has been called the most beautiful lake in the world. Three volcanoes tower over the southern shore, villages fringe the shores and eighteen islands dot the surface. The main tourism center is the town of Panajachel, small and walkable from the several hotels in town, its streets lined with stalls overflowing with textiles, clothes and handicrafts. There are a good selection of restaurants and bars/discos. A motorlaunch excursion takes you to the small villages along the lake’s shores. Panajachel is often the base for exploring the highlands, especially when space in Chichi is sold out. At the top of the valley before descending to the lake shores is Solola, with a traditional market on Tuesday and Friday that is well worth a visit.