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near Flores, Guatemala

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ABOUT CHIMINOS ISLAND LODGE - in their own words:

Welcome to Chimino’s Island Lodge! Prepare for the Ultimate Eco-Archaeological Adventure and enjoy the most pristine jungle, as natural as it gets! Let your senses flow as you enjoy the overwhelming nature and walk through this Mayan city, “The Last Mayan Outpost”, a fortified artificial island built by the Mayans to defend themselves, during the terminal phase of their civilization.

Chimino’s Island Lodge is located in Punta de Chimino, on the beautiful Petexbatún Lagoon in the southeastern Peten, in Guatemala’s jungle region. Chimino’s Island Lodge offers 5 neat mahogany bungalows, each perfectly blended in the Jungle and several hundred feet away from each other, so you can enjoy your own private jungle and the overwhelming views of the lagoon. Each bungalow has its own private bathroom, hot water and rooms completely protected from insects and other animals. You will be surprised by the luxury and cleanness, unusual in these types of jungle lodges.

The property is crossed by pathways, where you will experience intimate contact with the jungle, its impressive wildlife and the remains of the fortified Mayan citadel, for the most part still unearthed. You will experience firsthand, the efforts of it last inhabitants to protect themselves through impressive defensive walls, pits and trenches. They still managed however to build its own ball court and palaces.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Our comfortable bungalows can sleep up to 5 people and are fitted with its own waterbedroom treatment plant, private bathroom and hot water. From your bungalows you can hear and observe parrots, toucans and howler monkeys. The palm-thatched bungalows are constructed from fine hard wood trees that have naturally fallen. You can also enjoy our “lobby” with hammocks and a relaxing view of the lagoon, the bar and our new floating dock, perfect for sun-bathing, swimming fishing, or just relaxing after an intense day of eco-archaeological exploration.
And last, but not least, prepare yourself to experience the finediningst cuisine in the jungle! Our hostess is a fine chef and cooks recipes cherished by generations but enriched with others shared by our guests. You may want to dine a blanco, fresh of the day, prepared by our hostess grilled or baked in wine and fine herbs or, if on a diet, you can enjoy a fresh salad or her already famous cucumber soup. Her husband and his helpers will guide you and take care of your needs in a friendly manner with the typical Guatemalan

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At Chimino’s Island Lodge you can combine your ecological and archaeological interests with the opportunity to relax in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

On-Site activities include fishing, swimming, canoeing and bird-watching. You can also hit the hiking trails that take you into the jungle and to the Mayan Citadel. It’s almost like being the discoverer of this Mayan site! Different tours to nearby Mayan Sites are also available and recommended. The region has been under heavy investigation by famous archaeologist Arthur Demarest, Takeshi Inomata and their colleagues during the Petexbatun Archaeological Project .

Fishing & Swimming: Right there from our floating dock, you can get your catch of the day or make a splash and enjoy the fresh waters! You can also troll to marvelous fishing areas right there in the lagoon where you can catch robalo, blanco (petenia esplendida, a delicious white fish exclusive to the region) and some other edible varieties also found in the lagoon and nearby rivers.

Canoeing: You may rent a small canoe and paddle to do your own exploring. You can do some bird-watching, fishing or just exercise a little. You will have a majestic view of the island and century old trees!

Nature Hikes and Bird Watching: You may want to walk our carefully maintained trails, having the opportunity to see the most beautiful birds: toucans, parrots, eagles and vultures, among many other rarely seen species. You will also have close contact with a variety of jungle species of trees and pl
ants, many in the verge of extinction. Petexbatun is the winter refuge for many North American birds, so a small boat ride to the lagoon and nearby rivers will enable you to see Canadian ducks, herons, storks and many other rarely seen species. It is not unusual to have a close look to Moreletti Crocodiles sunbathing in nearby river banks.


Aguateca: Our Lodge is the perfect gateway to Aguateca, just minutes away by boat, a fortified city built on high escarpments above the Petexbatun basin. The site is partially reconstructed and you can hike inside nearby caves and a deep cut in the limestone, product of tectonic forces, used as a defensive wall by the Mayas. The trip, by boat and walking the site takes between 3 to 4 hours.
Dos Pilas: A trip to Dos Pilas, an important Mayan City that extended its rule on Tikal at a certain time, is a one in a lifetime experience. The tour takes a full day and takes about 2 ½ hours to get there walking after a short boat cruise. You will need to be in good physical condition, but it pays when you get to see the magnificent stellaes and hieroglyphs in carved stone staircases. You can refresh yourself in the springs that form two small ponds that give its name to the site.

Ceibal: A large site, the most widely reconstructed and visited of the sites in the region, is a perfect trip on your way in or out to our Lodge. It can be reached by road or river, upstream La Pasion River from Sayaxche, so plan on it, the day you arrive or the day you leave. It is at least a half day tour.

Cancuen: Tours available in the near future. This Mayan city is currently under investigation by Vanderbilt University, but it has not been reconstructed yet. According to most recent findings it has a magnificent royal palace, even larger than Tikal's, but still unearthed. Right now, we recommend visits to other mayan sites in the region.

Yaxchilán: Is a great mayan city that sits on the bank of the Usumacinta River on the Mexican side of the border. The site has been cleared, and some of the palaces and temples have been restored. Yaxchilán's beautiful stelae were carved in deeper relief than at other Maya sites. One of the most interesting discoveries here was a carving made on a step of Temple 33 in the 8th. century AD, which shows Yaxchilán ruler Bird Jaguar playing a ball game. Trips to this beautiful site can be arranged upon special request, and be prepared to spend at least 3 days in this trip.