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Casa Harb

San Andres, Colombia

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ABOUT THE CASA HARB - in their own words:

Casa Harb is a private and quiet concept of lodging. Our intent is to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Casa Harb is equipped with a pool, areas for reading and relaxing, restaurant, minibar, phone, cable TV and wireless Internet. Balcony views are stunning, specially at sunset.

These are only a few of the reasons that make Casa Harb the best choice for lodging in San Andres Island.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The individual decor of each one of our 5 suites is inspired by asian cultures, which makes it an excellent choice for couples getaways.
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  Suite A
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   Suite F
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   Suite J
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   Suite M
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   Suite S

Casa Harb is located 10 minutes away from downtown, off of the northeastern coast, in an area known as La Rocosa. A few minutes away you can find some of the most exotic beaches on the island where you can appreciate the softness of the white sand and discover the true seven colors of the sea.