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near Futaleufu, Los Lagos Region, Chile


About the Lodge
Activities & Excursions

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ABOUT UMAN LODGE - in their own words:
Our exclusive country Lodge is located inside the Fundo la Confluencia, which with its 489 hectares provides an ideal setting for the development of recreational activities ideal for both adventurers and people who seek rest and relaxation.

We have a lagoon where our visitors practice canopy, tree climbing and kayak. They rest at the beaches of the Futaleufú River and get marveled with its confluence with the Espolón River. Visitors take hikes on trails and develop activities such as mountain biking, trekking and agrotourism. All of this takes place in our beautiful farm.

Our guests also enjoy our exclusive Patagonian restaurant, a select wine cellar, our Private Spa, Fitness & Wellness Center, and the various activities that Futaleufú offers, among which fly fishing, rafting and mountain climbing stand out, with levels of difficulty according to each person’s ability.

In the immediate surroundings, the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia offer countless beauties that complement the proposal of Uman Lodge, a place where the contemplation and adventure merge with the highest quality of service

Uman Lodge is located within the Fundo La Confluencia, Futaleufú, Los Lagos Region, Patagonia, Chile, where the tour of the Argentinean Lake Region finishes, and the east entrance to the Chilean Carretera Austral starts. Very close to the border of both countries, it has an important role in Patagonian tourist routes.

How to arrive - from Argentina
You can get there from Argentina, crossing the mountain range through the Rio Futaleufú International Pass that connects Trevelín with Futaleufú, with a total distance of 98 km from the airport of Esquel airport to the Lodge. It is possible to arrive in Esquel with scheduled flights of Aerolineas Argentinas.

How to arrive - from Chile
There are two main options: The first, taking the barge that connects Puerto Montt or Castro with Chaitén, and then by land travelling 150 km. It is possible to arrive in Puerto Montt or Castro with scheduled flights of LAN. The second option is through Cardenal Samoré International Pass that connects Osorno with Bariloche, and then taking the road to Esquel.

Complementing the restaurant, our guests may opt for different spaces to relax, have fun and socialize, including a warm and spacious bar, open terraces that integrate with the beautiful landscape of the Patagonia, and a large living space, every one of these with the environment that their own fireplace offers. In our hall equipped for events we offer screen and projector, audio system and the main multimedia equipment already installed and ready for use

ACCOMMODATIONS  - click here for complete details
Uman Lodge offers only 16 beautiful suites equipped with all the comforts to enjoy your stay in a luxury accommodation. Equipped with double beds (King) and single beds (Twin), suites offer the possibility of incorporating additional beds for one adult or two children per suite.

In the setting of a delicate and warm decoration, our restaurant and our bar are prepared in order to allow guests and visitors to enjoy the most exquisite flavors of the Patagonia.

Our Patagonian menu
With the personalized attention that characterizes Uman Lodge and a sophisticated selection of dishes and wines, our menu can satisfy the most demanding palates. On the basis of the best local ingredients, giving priority to artisan producers and incorporating the agricultural produce, the fruit trees, and the livestock activities of the Fundo La Confluencia, the creativity of our renowned Chef and Sommelier offers a really unique combination that only Uman Lodge can offer.

To this menu we add our traditional pastries products, the sweets and preserves of the Fundo, and the possibility to take our flavors out of the Lodge, by means of our Picnic gourmet with our exquisite corner roaster.

Our select wine cellar
Our guests not only will enjoy our best wines in the Patagonian restaurant, but also in our wine cellar will taste a careful selection of wines and foods specifically designed by our renowned Chef and Sommelier. Our wine cellar offers a delicate selection of international and national labels. The guest can enjoy a tasting of these wines or pair these with the Patagonian delicacies of our restaurant
Our Chef and Sommelier
Our Patagonian restaurant is led by Lucas Trigos Foussadier, renowned Chef and Sommelier of French origin and Patagonian heart. Third generation of chefs and with a strong influence of his father, member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Lucas has also been recognized by this prestigious institution in the year 2008. With a strong orientation towards the “mountain cuisine”, Lucas gives Uman Lodge a Patagonian mark in the restaurant, the wine cellar, the bar, the outdoor meals, in our picnic baskets and in each of our food services. With Lucas in the team, Uman Lodge really has a luxury Patagonian restaurant

With exclusive access for the guests of Uman Lodge, our Spa, Fitness & Wellness Center facilities offer quiet and reserved places, well-equipped and comfortable ideal for those that look for healthy and relaxing options in their stay.

The Private Spa, Fitness & Wellness Center is free to use and exclusive for our guests, and has all the amenities to give the visitors a pleasant and renewing experience, which includes

  • Sauna and hammam
  • Outdoor jacuzzi and solarium
  • Indoor and outdoor heated pool
  • Spa salon and rooms for massages and treatments
  • Fitness center with an exercise bike, a treadmill and an elliptical trainer

The Fundo La Confluencia with its 489 hectares provides the ideal scenario for the different activities of adventure, entertainment and relaxation that our guests look for in Uman Lodge.

With ideal options for all profiles, its mountains and meadows, rivers and lagoon, its paths and tracks, offer a unique place for its beauty, fully integrated with nature and suitable for different activities that Uman Lodge offers.

In the lagoon of the farm our visitors practice canopy, tree climbing and kayak. They rest on the banks of the Futaleufú River, and enjoy the confluence with the Espolón River. Guests take a walk on our trails, practice mountain biking and trekking and accompany the activities of the farm with diverse activities of agrotourism, that depending on the season include the harvest and care of orchards and fruit trees, the preparation of sweets and artisan preserves, different tasks with the livestock, including sheep shearing, and many activities that are part of the Fundo La Confluencia.

EXCURSIONS & ACTIVITIES - click here for complete details

Either by car or by planned excursions from the Lodge, our guests can also enjoy many landmarks of the Patagonia, know its cultures and customs, and enjoy their surprising landscapes.

Uman Lodge, through its Experience Manager, helps its visitors to choose the most adequate activities according to their interests and the season of the year, always with options where adventure, contemplation and relax can be subjects, or combine in a unique way.

The incredible Lodge’s surroundings are the ideal place to enjoy both contemplation and practice of the most varied activities and sports. Rafting, fly fishing, and agrotourism are only some examples of the things you will be able to do surrounded by Patagonia’s most beautiful landscapes.

From the Lodge, you can organize activities within our Farm, and excursions on the Futaleufú River and other rivers, in the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.