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Antarctica XXI
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Sea Kayaking  


The sea kayaking program offered by ANTARCTICA XXI is a group experience limited to a maximum of 10 participants under the guidance of an experienced Kayak Master. The group will meet on board at the beginning of the expedition for a briefing session and an overview of the equipment. Before you start kayaking, you must perform a safety check to ensure that all equipment assigned to you is in good working order. The group will then paddle together for the duration of the expedition. The sea kayaking program is only offered on a group basis. You will not be able to leave the ship on independent excursions, and only participants who are part of the group from the start of the program can take part in the activity. Should you wish to skip an excursion, you are welcome to do so. However your assigned equipment and place in the group cannot be used by another person.

Every day you are in Antarctica, your Kayak Master will work with the Expedition Team to look for the best kayaking opportunities within the trip’s schedule, based on suitable and safe weather conditions. The group will be led by the Kayak Master and will be supported by a dedicated safety Zodiac. Each kayaking excursion will be approximately one and a half hours in duration. At the end of the excursion the Kayak Master will strive to offer the group approximately 30 minutes at the landing site so you can participate in the regular activities with the rest of the group on shore. Your flexibility will be required, as the local conditions will determine the exact unfolding of the activity. For example, in some cases the kayaking excursion or the time on land may be shorter or longer. In some cases, kayaking may not be possible at all. Safety will always be the paramount condition for any decision concerning kayaking, as well as any other activity conducted in Antarctica.

To take part in the kayaking program you must have previous kayaking experience. You don’t need to be a top kayaking expert but you must have experience in using a sea kayak with a spray skirt. You must also have experience with an emergency wet exit. For your safety, the Kayak Master may ask you to perform a trial to test your skills. To take part in the kayaking program you must be able to communicate in English, and you must listen to and follow the instructions of the Kayak Master. Minimum age for participation is 16 years.

Dates, Prices
and Conditions

Subject to change without notice

  • The Sea-Kayaking option is available on all Classic Antarctica Air-Cruises and all Polar Circle Air-Cruises.

  • The per-person participation price is USD 895.

  • Payment of the participation fee is due at time of reservation.

  • In case of cancellation 120 days or more prior to departure, ANTARCTICA XXI will refund 50% of the participation fee.

  • In case of cancellation 119 days or less prior to departure, there will be no refund.