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Updated August 24, 2016









APPLIES TO:   American, Canadian and Australian passport holders
FEES:          Fees apply to all arrival points and all modes of travel, including cruises
         and the fee must be paid online and you must have the printed receipt with you.

         For American citizens the fee is USD$160.00 per person.


Do one at a time.
Do not try to pay multiple fees on the same transaction.

       Click on the link below (taken from the Argentine Embassy web site)


       Follow the instructions as provided.

IMPORTANT:   LADATCO suggests that you tape this form into the back of your passport so you do not lose it -
  without it you can not enter the country. You can also print extra copies.
  • What if I do not have a computer?
       You will need to find someone who does have a computer to do the form for you
  • What if I do not have an e-mail address?
       You will need to create one or use one of someone you trust because a confirmation of the transaction is
       sent to that e-mail address
  • Can I make multiple copies of the fee payment receipt?
       Yes, just log-in, go to "My Forms" and print
  • What happens if I lose the form?
       Theoretically the transaction is "in the system" and should be verifiable BUT at the same time, a copy is
       required to be presented to the immigration officer or you can not enter the country, so do not take any
       chances - tape your receipt in the back of your passport and make several copies "just in case"
  • How long is the paid fee valid?
       The paid Reciprocity Fee is valid for 10 years.